Belgaum gets a New CDP plan

The 18 years waiting period for a new CDP – Comprehensive Development Plan for the city envisaged as master plan 2021 has been approved by the ministry of urban development recently.

Bella Vista Belagavi

A new CDP has to be prepared by the BUDA every 10 years but due to various reasons the said plan was not prepared or approved.

Master plans are expected to envisage and determine what the city will look like through the targeted period. The city is bursting at its seams, and its potholed roads, lack of pavements, overflowing garbage and traffic jams make a mockery of planned development.
Though meant to be a vision document, CDP has failed to foresee the city’s spread, and what it needs by way of supporting infrastructure.

cdp plan belgaum
The new CDP plan of Belgaum

 High Resolution image of the CDP plan



  1. Respectful sir madam, you have done a really great work, in connecting belgaum with world, i follows you from a long time, now you have given knowledge to all us regarding this issue.
    sir i please request you to please send me.
    Please send me the scanned copy of approved/signed new Belgaum CDP to my mail ID. [email protected]

    thanks a lot in advance sir.

  2. in Nehru nagar belgaum one person has acquired illegal property area of corporation he has surrounded the area through fence which is becoming very difficulty for the people and children to go from there it is space left for road which he has acquired so please take the action its a request

  3. Respected sir
    Could u please send me the master plan of ring road from kakti to sambra making road how much feet width of road I have a property in basavan kolla village Belgium it’s comes near hindalco factory please reply sir

  4. Sir My Plot lie between Dabar Galli and Bagwan galli. I want to know whether new MASTER Plan of this area in NEW CDP

  5. sir
    kindly send me a land use of survey no 440/3 at jaitan mal owned by Laxmikant Gopal Sawant resident of castle Rock Karnataka on my mail ld

  6. Respected sir,

    Request to allow us old and main event photographs of Bogerves circle, ramlinkhind galli, tilak chowk, konwal galli, patil galli, and railway road.

    We the students of KLS GIT architecture department, 7th semester are conducting a survey from railway station to bogerves circle considering the nala I.e dividing the corporation area and the cantonment area. We kindly request you to help us it the following data that is followed up with this letter.
    We assure you the same will be used for academic perpose only.

    Thanking you.
    Yours sincerely.

  7. sir pls send me the new cdp plan.. I want to know the road size of khade bazar. so I can start my building construction work.. Thanks

  8. Dear sir , I have little Shop on Ramlingkhind Galli as per CDP the road will extend up to 60ft but according to previous master plan work done all roads made 45 ft then why this road consider as 60ft could you explain me and is there any chance to amend this road considering the loss of all people please explain sir

    • nothing is actually clear now the new CDP is in force and the city corporation will take that as the one to be done. But at the same time the entire CDP is not implemented as on old Dharwad road it is also 120 feet but not done so, u can always pressure to make ur road also less

  9. i am architect student from hubli, i need a cdp map of belgaum,as iam designing shopping mall is my thesis project,i need pls can u mail me …pls send the high resolution cdp map

  10. My self ABDULSAMAD M K, at present alive in Vadagaon, Belgaum City. First of all I would like to thank for your recent new CDP- Comprehensive Development Plan for the city envisaged as a master plan 2021. Which is already has been approved by the ministry of urban development.

    I’d like to request you to drop me an e-mail attached with the master-plan 2021 of Vadagaon & Anagol regions. I’d like to point out the above disclosed master-plan 2021 incompetent to declaim. Could you please drop me a copy of master-plan 2021 be present I can declaim.

    For your information:

    My E-Mail: [email protected]
    [email protected]

  11. Dear Sir/madam,

    Please send me the scanned copy of approved/signed new Belgaum CDP[Benakanahalli B.U.D.A Scheme No.41] to my mail ID.

  12. As per you are showed CDP Plan is not showing carrectly that why please send me clear scanned copy to my mail this is for your kind information and do the needful.

    Belgaum city is a smart city so u can also smart so do the carrect map

  13. hard to see street level details in the high resolution image, can you post a high resolution scanned pdf. BUDA might also want to post it on their website as it will reduce foot traffic from citizens wanting to see the new plan.