Entry fee for Sural Water Falls by Goa Govt

The Government of Goa under its Forest department is collecting Fees from Tourists who enter the Sural Village about 50 kms from Belagavi.

Sural waterfalls
Photo Shridhar Hulikavi
Bella Vista Belagavi

Sural waterfalls

Entry Fees:
Per person Rs.20

child Rs.10
Per Bike Rs.25

Cars Rs.75

Three wheelers Rs.40

no alcohol allowed on top, the view point


People throng Sural or Surla during the monsoons to get a glimpse of falls snuggled amongst the beautiful Western Ghats. The Forest department of Goa has made a gate where its van stands to collect the same once the tourists want to enter the Sural Village.
Photos: Shridhar Hulikavi



  1. Sural is a very small village and Goa Government has provided 7 numbers of Bars in that village.,Some of the Bars do not have the facility of Washrooms. and some bars run a Restaurant whith out the restaurant license.. even they don’t issue a printed bill receipt… wen asked for the bill they tear the liquor box into a bill and write the bill on that and present it to the customer…so the there is no record of the sales maintained.. and all of the money becomes black money..i have seen people who don’t find a washroom take bottles filled with water and sit in open..that’s y you find lots of bottles over there.. Poor hotel management..

  2. The govt isn’t running out of money or anything!!! Its just trying to preserve’ nature… too many ppl are visiting (that’s good).. unknowingly all are throwing plastic botlles and bags..

  3. Looks like the Goa Govt is going to alienate itself from tourist by levying fees for entering their territory. They could industralise the state instead of trying to make money only on tourism. What if Karnataka Govt begins levying special fees for all the Goans who come to shop to Belgaum ??