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Chandrashekhar Kambar gets Jnanpith award

The prestigious Jnanpith award for literary contribution to Kannada literature was announced to Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar who hails from village named Shivapur-Ghodgeri near Gokak taluk in Belgaum district.

He taught Kannada at Lingraj College for a few years and later moved to Bangalore, where he joined Bangalore University as a professor.

“Sangeetha”,”Sangya Baalya” and “Singarewwa Mattu Aramane” authored three books were made into movies. Dr Kambar wrote novels, short stories, dramas, poetry and folk literature. He also directed a film “Kaadu Kudure” (forest horse) for which he composed the music as well.

Bella Vista Belgaum

The versatile writer served as chairman of the National School of Drama and as president of the Karnataka Nataka Academy. Conferred with the Padmashri, he was a nominated member of the Karnataka Legislative Council, representing the Congress. He was the founder-vice-chancellor of the University of Hampi. His plays Jokumaraswamy and Sangya Balya have seen thousands of performances, not only in Kannada, but several other Indian languages as well.

Chandrashekhar is the third son in the family. Kambar would visit this village once or twice every year.


  1. A literate person like you should not make offensive comments (refer your statments in 22nd November 2011)on other languages. Your comments against 'Marathi' are purely biased and not acceptable at all. We respect our language and if anyone wishes to force Marathi speaking people out of Belgum, the same will be reciprocated in all parts of Maharashtra.

    Such statements deserve an apology…….

  2. chandrahas Janagonda

    Congratulations!!! Dr. Chanrashekhar Kambar Sir,its gud news to belgaumites and all kannadigas.

  3. Congratulations to Dr.Kambar and also thank u Uday for coverage. All Belgaumites should be proud.

  4. Truly , one takes pride in finding great personalities like Dr. Kambar, being conferred upon the highest Literary award hailing from our District.We are proud of you.

  5. The beauty of his work is all of it is in local Belgaum-side Kannada. His efforts in making Kannada and folk literature of this region popular and gain respect is immense. Congratulations Sir.

  6. Congratulations!!! Dr. Chanrashekhar Kambar. Thank you for making belgaumites proud

  7. Congratulations sir

  8. Congratulations to Chandrashekhar Kambar..

    Good news for belgaumites…

  9. Hearty Congratulations to Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar..
    Belgaum is proud of u and ur contributions to kannada literature..
    Thanks for taking Belgaum to the highest level in literary world….

  10. Congrates Sir Its Grate…. News for Belgaumits & Karnataka.

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