Prabhu takes charge as corporation commissioner

Prabhu G took charge as commissioner of City Corporation Belagavi on 03-09-2015. He is aged 36 and originally from Chitradurga district. He has done his bachelors in Commerce and also PG in DMM.
He inducted into the KAS in 2008.
Earlier he was General manager Rajeev Gandhi Rural Housing Corp Ltd.

Prabhu G Corporation commissioner Belagavi


  1. MR Commissioner,

    Happy to know of your taking over at the helm of Belgaum Muncipal Corporation. The city is one of the most beautiful not only in Karnataka, but in whole of India. But it is in disarray having grown haphazardly without proper infrastructure. The city has been neglected in the past by the previous regimes with few exceptions. We know that it is going to be a Herculean task putting things in order.
    We hope that during your tenure the city will see some improvements.

  2. Welcome you Sir, please keep roaming in the city as a normal cistizen then you can glance what is needed for the city and request you to take bold actions and clean of city from dirty politics and see that the open spaces and fenced first and thenconverted into garden by making rain water harvesting and lakes are preserved.