Students design Flyover for First gate

Pooja C R, Akash Shinde, Ketan Chandagadkar and Mayur Patil all students of Angadi Institute of Technology and Management have designed a flyover at the First Railway gate which will solve all the traffic chaos at the junction. Under guidance of Prof Gururaj Tavildar, Head of Civil Engineering Department D Suresh Babu anbd their Principal Prof U S Hampannavar the team has deisgned the flyover in such a way that no private land would be acquired.flyover railway gate belgaum flyover railway gate belgaum

flyover railway gate belgaum
The flyover deisgned by AITM students for 1st Railway gate
Bella Vista Belagavi

The study for the same began in January and land behind Dalvi sales is owned by the Railway department. The suggested flyover starts from the same open land goes over the railway track and lands on Congress Road with the total length of the flyover will be 270 meter with a height of 6.7 mteres keeping in mind the shifting from Diesel to Electric engine. The estimated cost of the flyover is about Rs.3.5 crores.





  1. I appreciate the team who has put together this plan at their learning age.

    I have one more suggestion: This is also good plan from long term perspective, instead of constructing individual bridges for all roads, lift the railway tracks slowly from station and construct railway bridges to by pass each road (i.e 1st Gate, 2nd Gate, 3rd Gate and even 4th Gate – near KLE Engineering college). and it is possible on either side (i.e Dharawad road).

    So it would not only save lots of public money and also save fuel over public commuting on individual bridges.

  2. Good job students, Excellent plan and well designed. Only thing it should be implemented and help the people and traffic at this point only. We need similar designs at all other gates and again must be implemented.

  3. I really appreciate this effort, BELGAUM is known for its quality of education and now I see institutes involving their students in addressing or co-coordinating with futuristic projects. This model helps the students to connect with the society & also sensitize on their responsibilities for the nation.

    I request all education institutes in BELGAUM to involve their students in such futuristic projects.

    Proud to be Belgaumite.

  4. I suggest insted of having fly over at 1st gate ,we should have it at 2nd gate and from there we should have connecting road to 1st and 3rd gate .This will solve traffic problems at all gates please think over prof. Tavil dar and and D suresh babu.

  5. Excellent plan ! But, I doubt if IR and GoK will take keen interest in it and execute the plan ! If executed, a minimum of 3000 man hours are saved each day !

  6. This is indeed a ”simple” yet ”purposeful” design which needs to be implemented at the earliest. Such flyovers also need to be done for Kapleshwar, second gate at Mahadwar road and Dharwad road as well.

    Recently there is a sum of Rs60 crores sanctioned for Belgaum road developments. Out of this 60, if the corporation spends just around 30 crores for these flyovers, all the traffic mes-sup will be resolved!

    It is yet to see this year whether these flyovers will really do exist on land or on paper!