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Doshaheen Solutions is listed among 20 Most Promising HealthCare Solutions & Service Providers in India in the ERP magazine.
Contemporary culture has an idealized picture, where a company can be started from nothing by anyone in a garage. According to the the stories Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, HP, Mattel, Microsoft, Dell and Nike among many other giants all started by previously unknown genius founders from incredibly humble beginnings of simple garage operations and became multi-national, billion dollar corporations.

Dhanesh Mathkar Founder and MD of Doshaheen Solutions
Dhanesh Mathkar Founder and MD of Doshaheen Solutions

Dhanesh Mathkar too founded his company Doshaheen – a software solutions provider – in a garage in 2013 with an unconditional support from his wife Gayatri Mathkar. Dhanesh hails from Belagavi and did his schooling from St.Paul’s high school. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (1998)from Gogte Institute of Technology Belagavi and did his Masters Diploma in Business Administration, Symbiosis, Pune. He began his professional career as Production Engineer , Kodak India Ltd, then Quality Assurance Head, CygNet Systems and Account Manager, Project Manager, TATA Consultancy Services.

Doshaheen Solutions is listed among 20 Most Promising HealthCare Solutions & Service Providers in India in the ERP magazine.

Dhanesh had a high profile job in the US which he decided to leave to become his own boss. So he began his testing services to over 40 companies in the U.S and the U.K from a Garage in Pune. As on today more than 25 specialized personnel in testing services, rapturously deliver functional and specialized outsourced testing projects from its office in Pune.

Doshaheen Solutions, provides IT Consultancy, IT Services, software design and development, software testing as well as professional services and maintenance majorly but not limited to the following verticals: Financial Services (e-commerce, banking), Health Care, Life Science, Hospitality (Hotel Management Software), Retail and Logistics.

AAB spoke to Dhanesh about his journey –
Tell us about Doshaheen and what it exactly does ?

The idea of making Doshaheen was seeded when we were in the USA. In fact the name was also coined then. I had read this in some article, “Human Being is the only species in this world who takes from Mother Nature. All other species give back to the nature”. This made me think. I did not want myself to be called selfish species. So my wife and I decided to do something about it. We decided to build a company which will create jobs, build software that will make your life a little bit easy. So, we build software that will make mundane, laborious jobs to be done quickly so that the human is free to do better jobs. We have built software solutions in the Healthcare as well as the Hospitality industry.

Saturdays are generally the “New Idea” days for us. We discuss problems! Day to day problems that affect our lives. We analyze them and do a feasibility study. If the solution seems feasible, we build it!

How does it feel to be listed among 20 Most Promising HealthCare Solutions ?

Well, it is always good to know that someone out there feels we are on the right path. It gives the team motivation to do better.

Tell us in brief about your products and offerings.

Healthcare Solutions: We have built healthcare solutions for Clinics and Hospitals. These solutions have been built to make the life of a doctor a little bit more fun! Care has been taken to see that the doctor spends time on things that he is supposed to do, see patients. The ease of operations built into our solutions make it a breeze for the Health Care Professionals to use our solutions. We go by the brand, “Heal-it” and we have solutions for Maternity Homes, Ophthalmologists, Dentists and the one for Oncologists is just around the corner.

Hospitality Solutions: We have built this solution to the service of Restaurants, Lodges, Bars and Properties. This is a very fast moving software solution and more than 75 customers are using our solution. This is built to cover every nuances you may have to cater in your business right from Billing to Recipe Management, Inventory Control, Attendance and Artifact tracking.

We are currently working on a couple of new products based on Global Positioning (GPS) tracking and Consolidation in the Retail Industry.

Apart from developing the products we also provide software development and testing services to our overseas clients in the United States, United Kingdom as well as the Middle East. We have done a lot of work in the e-commerce industry for Jewelers, Payment Service Providers and NGO’s.

You seem to be more focused on Healthcare, any specific reason and your insights on what is in store ?

Adoption of IT in Healthcare in very nascent in India. We have a long way to go as compared to the developed nations. Looking at the population in India we need brisk development and adoption in the IT space. I feel India has the potential to contribute in a big way to this world with data that can be used by the researchers to develop medicines to the diseases that are killing us. In short, where else in the world can you get such a big “Sample” of data? Our software solutions exactly aim to help doctors with this data.

You left your high profile job in the US, reactions from the Family ?

It was a difficult decision to say “No” to a well settled comfortable life and jump into an unknown. I do not have a business background. I come from a middle class family. So you can imaging the story. My wife, sister and mother were always supportive and kept the motivation up. It took a lot of convincing to get my father on my side.

What made you to take this decision to be your own boss ?

Working with big corporates had taught me enough to take this decision. It was very clear, that you cannot take business decisions if you are an employee. Corporates believe in profits and profits and profits. So who will build solutions that are actually required by the society? The answer was very evident.

Was coming from Belagavi in any way a hindrance to your career?

Belagavi (or Belgaum as I like to call it) is ”Heaven on Earth”. The well-grounded education provided by my school, St. Pauls, cannot be second to any other school. The simplicity of the town, the connect with the nature is hard to find elsewhere. So when I have seen the other part of the world, I realize how lucky I was to have spent by childhood in this wonderful town, Belgaum.

Have you any plans to start operations from Belagavi ?

I would love to start up operations in Belgaum. In fact many of my staff members come from Belgaum and places around. Now that there seems to be connectivity by 3 modes of transport, we will definitely give it a serious thought.

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AAB is doing a phenomenal job by connecting “Belgaumkars” on a single platform. I do appreciate AAB’s efforts in making this happen. The best part is, all the coverage is in real time and there is no nonsense stuff here. I wish ABB a wonderful future.


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  1. Superb – really you both are doing terrific work and inspite of your great achievements you both are so humble n down to earth – continue that way – all our best wishes are always there for you both – shine – God Bless

  2. Comment:indeed great work.all our best wishes are with you.may GOD bless you with success and prosperity for years to come

  3. Dhanesh you are doing a wonderful job and keep it up and keep going,we need people like you to think about the society and give something to the society which will help the society in long run as you are just doing it.I appreciate your efforts and your thoughts.


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