Belgaum on 69 position for deposit and 79 for credit


The Reserve Bank of India released its ‘Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled september 2009. The publication contains data relating to deposits and credit of scheduled commercial banks including (RRBs) as on September 2009.


In march 2008 Belgaum was on position 72 for deposits and 71 for credit.

March 2008 standings
Note: ‘Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled Commercial Banks’ provides data on aggregate credit of scheduled commercial banks as on June, 2008. The data are based on Basic Statistical Return the branches of all scheduled commercial banks (including RRBs).

Source: RBI



  1. For information of all

    This the total depoist base of all commercial banks ( private, public, co-op etc) in the belgaum city clearing zone. Also the lending is theloan bok outstanding of the same banks units.

    Healthy lending rate and better lending rank suggest growing and strong economic activity and development. Good deposits is display savings potential. belgaun traditionally been goodon savings and low on advances (lending) which I suggest also explains our overall state.

    once the rate of Advances goes in 25%+ growth for about 2/4 years the city will be completely different.

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