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Factions is not a design house. It has a rare capability of executing every assignment with conceptual clarity & thoughtfulness. This enables the organization to provide solutions for critical behavior of the target audience. Strong market presence and proximity to the final audience helps Factions to provide strategic conceptual solutions that are reflected in their result-oriented designs.

Factions was started a decade ago in Aurangabad by Vishal Sadarjoshi after collecting valuable experience from Lowe Lintas and Kaleidoscope, the leading advertising agencies in India. To provide the best of services and serve the regional areas with the latest trends, Factions shifted its base to Pune after one year. Within a short span of time, Factions spread its wings to Mumbai, Sangli, Kolhapur, Goa and other parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka as well; because of its conceptual and budget based approach.

Roots of Belgaum were calling Vishal to come back and set up shop here and he realized that Belgaum could be a great option because of its strategic location and cost effective work force. Hence, the design studio of Factions was shifted to Belgaum at Mahatma Phule road. Six months of training was given to localities’ from Belgaum with a fine arts background and now  Factions, Belgaum takes care of the entire portfolio of over 45 brands in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Not many will dare to shift shop from a metropolis to a smaller city as Belgaum but Factions did so with an aim of averaging costs and emerge as leaders in the smaller towns. Soon Factions Corporate Communications is planning an office in Bangalore to cater ever growing demands of corporate clientele in south India.

Factions executes everything under the roof for a organization from designing a logo, taking it forward with stationery, brouchers, paper ads, jingles, video ads, corporate films, model & product shoots, conferences, Celebrity & Model management  to an event organization you name it and they will arrange it.

They are in this business for a decade now and with names like Videocon Dhoot Hospital Aurangabad, The Haute company Pune, Waterwheel resorts USA, Samruddhi Industries, Sangli, Kalika Steels, Jalna, SKF Bearings Pune, Jehangir Hospital Pune, Taxiads Norway, Amrut Pharma Belgaum, Vega Auto Belgaum  are just to name a few.

Excerpts of an interview with Vishal Sadarjoshi:


Q. When and how did Factions start? (Elaborate from beginning)

Factions was planned, conceived and started over several cups of coffee, brainstorming which often looked like battles and dreams that always looked so realistic. Factions was born in presence of millions of scribbled papers, a dedicated ash tray and zillions of ideas. Factions was conceptualized in the year 2000 in Aurangabad in a hotel. We used to work in the nights after the hotel used to shut down.

Q. Why did u plan to start shop in Belgaum?

Being from this place, I was always sure of finding intellect here. A small study proved that there were people with talent, which was often wasted in photo studios. Also shifting did not hamper the working of any of our existing clients.

We hail from Chickodi, and my father has spent most of his childhood in Belgaum. My uncles stay here and there are many relatives around. In addition, Pune was becoming very hectic for my parents and they always wanted to shift here. It is only that my transition took a little while or we would have shifted here a couple of years ago.

Q. People in your industry normally flee to metros as there is lot of scope, but in your case, it is otherwise, why?

Exploring the unexplored has always been the mantra of Factions. In addition, SCOPE is not an area or region dependant factor. Advertising or promotion is a need of everybody who wants to expand and grow. Along with this, we have our representation in Pune, Jalna, Aurangabad, Sangli, Bombay and Bangalore. This takes care of our client satisfaction and service.

Q. How many employees are here at your design centre in Belgaum?

Six employees and three management members.

Q. What are the challenges you are facing in Belgaum?

The first and the most important aspect were to train the designers. Talent was there but nobody knew about advertising. Software’s were all known but the conceptualization had to be developed, which at times was very frustrating as we were used to working with skilled and professional manpower.

Secondly designing here was done by printers, so there was no DESIGN CHARGE applicable. In addition, our business being designing, it was very difficult to educate the clients.

Q. Cost wise, Belgaum is cheap but what about clients and delivery?

Through our work and effective presentations, we are already associated with major top ad spenders in Belgaum. In addition, our other clients are very delighted as we can offer faster service and high quality jobs from here. Initially we had to call people from Pune and Bangalore to do our critical assignments. Now everything is in-house and well organized.

Q. Now how many in Belgaum will make a Video ad of 30 secs, so how do you plan to enter the market?

Actually, it is a need of every business house. Cable viewing is exceptional in Belgaum. However, it depends on the vision of the business owner.

The major hindrance is the cost factor. Businesses here tend to work with low quality and low cost production parameters. This will definitely not happen with factions. We will work at the best quality level only. We will wait until somebody understands the value of a conceptual video presentation. Our efforts are on through presentation and storyboards to educate the clients. As it is, our clients from other regions are keeping us very busy with these activities. Therefore, we can afford to go slow with Belgaum on this aspect.

Q. How was your experience concerning the talent pool in Belgaum?(with respect to your field)

Dedication and speed is something that is not associated with Belgaum as far as our field is concerned. Talent is there but there is reluctance in its application. However, the people with us have developed a lot and are sure to improve further.

Q. If Belgaum market does not click do you plan to shift base again?

It has already clicked…so there is no question of shifting. Yes,…we will definitely expand and start more offices in the required regions.

Q. Your thoughts on this website?

Uday nothing much to explain as Google can throw out your traces all over. It is not a site…it is a dedication. I think so much of devotion is amazing. Allaboutbelgaum.com is now Belgaum personified. Every reference, every change, every new thing, lands here first. I should thank you for giving us something that lifts the standards of talents in Belgaum.


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  1. Thanks guys. I am Amit Kulkarni co owner of Factions India. I will make sure that the website is up n running in the coming few days. We are also working on something important before we get the site up so it got delayed. I am open for ur suggestions and advises all the time. Thanks for ur concerns…

  2. Hey Satish, Ravi & Prasad,

    Thanks for all your support. Satish I am the co owner of Fations. I do understand ur call on website. I am sure that will be done in the coming days… We are going to evolve more in a month. Thanks for ue concern n support. I hope u guys do keep supporting us like this always. We are open for ur comments n sugestions all the time. Cheerz!!!

    • I endorse your Your qucik reponse and also consdering the suggestion , well great guns go on I wish your mark up bigger brand of FACTIONS in near future , I liked the artwork with building cofee beans , jwelary and wave snapn ,all services rounded along, it was done with lot imagination thought process and creativity , Cheers guys grow big soon , All the best

  3. Great to read about factions and another home comming story of Belgaumite, I would like to suggest FACTIONS being a media company to create web site of their own and withan emial id of not atleast hotmail, but still cheers to their achievements


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