Kirloskarvadi turns 100 today Belgaums bad luck


It was a Wednesday in 1920 when the first branded iron plough came out from the Factory of Kirloskar’s at Kirloskarwadi (Maharashtra) will turn 90.

The township of the Kirloskars — as the word literally means — was set up near Kolhapur in 1910 March 10 as Maharashtra’s second and the country’s third such project. Its a 100 hundred year legacy of the Kirloskar’s and the company has not deferred paying dividend even for a single year from 1937.

The Kirloskar Saga began from Belgaum and if in 1910 and if Laxmanrao had not been ousted from Belgaum may be Belgaum would have been a different place. T he civic authorities then annexed their land and The Raja of Aundh, near Kolhapur, Pant Pratinidhi, offered land in his fiefdom: 32 barren acres, inhabited by snakes, where the only vegetation left was cactii.

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If the then civic authorities had not ousted the Kirloskar’s from Belgaum, the 100 year legacy would have been created in Belgaum and today Belgaum would have been a different place. May what you want to say but it is our sheer bad luck. Till today now is interested in coming and setting up shop here.


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