M & M invited to set up plant in Belgaum


States Major and Medium Industries Minister Murugesh R Nirani today said that discussions would be held later in this month with Mahindra and Mahindra, which has been invited by the State to establish a tractor manufacturing or any other automobile unit in Belgaum.

Have the leaders read the comments on the previous post, may it be anything but Belgaum should get this M & M plant. Pray for it Belgaumites.

Source: PTI



  1. I am seeing a lot of efforts to promote Industrial investment in Belgaum which is excellent,already tata marcopolo plant in dharwad.peoples are get jobs n devolpemnt state. What really counts is better policies & implementation of those policies with good efficiency on ground reality.

  2. I am seeing a lot of efforts to promote Industrial investment in Belgaum which is excellent, but has the core issue of "power supply" resolved. Does Belgaum have enough power capacity to sustain a surge in industrial activity?
    I fully understand this is not just Belgaum's problem, but entire India suffers from Power shortage.

  3. PART 4 – Well if Tata’s will run the administration there will be more accountability, honesty, transparency & things will happen on ground reality (I use this word often because only the roses will be visible not the plans as well as plants). May be we can have honest & famous personalities like Kiran Bedi, Amol Palekar, Aamir Khan as mentors in order to check & monitor the progress. We have got a very good example of Jamshedpur though being in Bihar/Zharkhand (again the case of Bgm becomes stronger & the recent one is the struggle for Tilangana) it is a well developed city. On first look it may seem to be a very out of the box idea but then you do the same thing you get the same result until you will not do something different. The whole intention of writing this is to ensure that fine everyone is talking of India being the 2nd largest economy in next 25 years, do we have a vision as how Belgaum will be after 25 years.

  4. PART 3 – The initiative by Mr. Sahir is really good one & we all need to join him so that our voice becomes louder. Well irrespective of our difference of opinion we all need to come together whenever there is an opportunity to ensure growth & progress at Belgaum. It is well known that Belgaum is very much under developed & in general as a whole the country is under developed due to poor administration by our politicians. What really counts is better policies & implementation of those policies with good efficiency on ground reality. Somehow I can’t live in a virtual world just saying things will happen. We as citizens pay lot of taxes which are used to run the country by the Government. The question is how efficiently the Rupee collected from the citizens is being spent by the Government. Needless to say a good share is being siphoned in the form of corruption, scams etc right from the top level till the simple clerk in any office.

  5. PART 2 – Every Belgaumite would like to see that it is a developed place offering good quality life. So what is the way ahead, is the ruling Karnataka Govt going to ensure that at least now they will give the due share of progress to Belgaum. We will be losing lot of time in the process of expecting this from them. The very innovative idea could be that the whole Belgaum should be handed over to a group which is very much trusted by Indians – the Tata Group. This certainly will ensure a very rapid growth & progress at Belgaum. I am sure that every Belgaumite who is for development & wants to see hope for their future generation would simply say yes to this. Believe me Indian Railways could be a well managed organisation If run by Tata’s. You may find good clean coaches running in time & offering the best services.

  6. PART 1 – I did receive various views on the news that Karnataka Govt is lobbying to lure Hero Honda to set up a plant at Hubli – Dharwad & why not at Belgaum. What I read today is that M&M has been invited to set up a plant in Belgaum, If this happens & hopefully it should then at least this will lead to a good start. In fact more industrial houses should be invited to set up shops over in Belgaum. Well looking at the larger problem of Belgaum, there is no doubt that Belgaum has not been developed the way it should have developed. The English were very clever people & just imagine why they would have set up a base at Belgaum at that time. This certainly proves that economically as well as in general Belgaum was offering certain incentives to them.

  7. M&M setting shop in Belgaum is a good news. Hope the admin provides them with suitable infrastructure & benefits. This is a good opportunity for the development of Belgaum, the People in Power should ensure that attractive proposals are offered to M&M & also ensure the project is properly implemented.

  8. Ya… Mahindra has been planning this from past couple of years.
    Now, the recession is almost over. Am sure Mahindra would come up its plant in Belgaum.

  9. Hey Akash,

    Thanks a lot for sharing those comments from foreigners. Proud to be Belgaumite…………………..

  10. I work for a top hotel in nelgaum. I would like to say something interesting on this. All the forigners who come to visit tata plant in dharwad prefer to stay in our hotel in belgaum. They are ready to travel daily by taxi to dharward plant and back. one person told me that he hates to stay in dharwad or hubli. He said belgaum is a lovely city and wondered why tata did not setup a plant in belgaum. I did not know how to explain to him. We get people from poona also who stay in belgaum and drive to dharwad and back. They say when they are in belgaum they dont fell like they are away from home.

  11. That is some consolation. Invitation is the first step, marketing Belgaum such that, it is attractive for the industry will be the next major hurdle. Lets hope fro the best.


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