Mahindra Plant in Belgaum


On August 2, 2010 many news papers and I am quoting TOI here, in which Minister for large and medium industries, Murugesh Nirani was quoted saying that Mahindra and Mahindra and few other industries have expressed their willingness to establish their units at Dharwad.

The Hindu on same day, published this “While the Mahindra and Mahindra had agreed to set up their unit at Belgaum”


Mahindra and Mahindra company has the largest OEM from tractor engines to allied auto castings based in Belgaum. These components supplied by manufactures based in Belgaum and are direct standards of Mahindra QC standards, so Belgaum is a much obvious choice of Mahindra’s. Government of Karnataka should take interest in brining big names of foundry industries in proposed 500 acre foundry park near Machhe for international supplies, and give a support to local foundry industries to have joint venture for future entrepreneur developments in Belgaum , or else what is the use of establishing foundry cluster and including Belgaum for development of Automobile industry belt in Suvarna Karnataka industrial Policy.

From the news coverage it seems that the minister is not happy with the Mahindra unit being established in Belgaum and he is busy telling that even Mahindra is coming to Dharwad.
With inputs from Satish Kumar.



  1. Belgaum is ideal place for M&M .We professionals settled in Pune can contribute to the greenfield project & further development. I know talent is available in Bgm. If required we may shift to bgm. All best Bgm…

  2. Sachin

    Bec of local dealer not strong. And chief mentality.
    Stat pressure who I’ll stop the project.

    Murgesh nirani that the reason not win this time.

    Local people doesn’t how development BELAGAVI

  3. If govt realises the development of belgaum, it makes them strong contender in winning the case of border issue. There will b no reason for the most talented belgaumites to go in search of jobs in metro cities.

  4. Every one of us really worried about what is happening around us. We cannot be watching our irresponsible leaders. We should unite and meet once in month or so and raise our concerns, contribute our best to do our bit to the society. Are you interested ? then mail us your willingness to: [email protected]
    From: P.V.Hiremath

  5. The politicians of Hubli-Dharwad area who are in powerful positions like this chap are very selfish. For them, north Karnataka starts and stops at the twin cities. They hold back Bgm-Dwd railway line for fear of losing Hubli's importance, they want to transfer Belgaum division's Educational offices to Dwd, they want all the cos that want to put shop in Bgm to move to Hbl or Dwd. And this stupid govt. encourage such leeches.

  6. This hopeless govt. and that idiot minister Murgesh Nirani never give preference to belgaum.The Govt. and that minister very well know about foundry industry in belgaum but still he is trying to divert the mind of peole and big industriliest. As per their view north karnataka means only Huble-Dharwad they never consider about belgaum.Its really painfull thing for Belgaum people.

  7. The Border issue is a main concern for not getting Big Industries in Belgaum.The Govt of Karnataka should attract Big Industries to Belgaum and make development of the area,which shall nullify the protests against the Govt.The people in Belgaum are angry because of NON-DEVELOPMENT of the city and not mainly of the Border issue.If the Govt develops this area,the border issue will be non existant

  8. Karnataka is losing out so much money business mainly because the government is not trying hard to set up industries and secondly due to the illegal mining thats going on and thus state is losing out taxes and may lots of other reasons too, that the we have no idea of. This is hampering the growth in different areas in Karnataka in particular North Karnataka…


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