Narendra Murkumbi in Young Global Leader list of WEF


Life for Narendra Murkumbi, Managing director of Shree Renuka Sugars has been dream run in the past few years. After acquiring companies globally he is now found himself a place in the World Economic forum – Young Global Leaders list declared on March 3, 2010.

The Belgaum boy is taking his company Shree Renuka Sugars to new heights and at the same time, the name of Belgaum as well. Narendra is making a mark on the global front and in no time we should see his company in the fortune 500 list.

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a unique, multistakeholder community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. Each year the World Economic Forum identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world. Together, they form a powerful international community that can dramatically impact the global future.

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  1. Dear Mr. Narendra Murkumbi,

    Congratulations and Wishing You Many More!

    It a pleasure and privilege to see you honoured in the World Economic forum – Young Global Leaders List.

    I am aware of the legacy you carry of hardwork, committment and sincerity. Added to that ofcourse is appropriate benchmarking!

    Best Wishes,

    Dr. Neeta Baporikar

  2. Having IIT in your town is good. Who would not like to have ? However it is a lot of effort , resource wise , money wise and more importantly time wise. I have a parallel Idea. It is following.

    In this connected world as it exisits today ( internet ) and other virtual networks we have developed , we already
    have all the luxury of good things just waiting for us.

    1. MIT/IIT/cornel university / many others have made their lectures/courses live and put on Utube/internet/for free !
    2. Wikibooks are one of the best sources of all that is knowledge/information
    3. Most content generated in iit like BTech reports, Mtech reports, Phd thesis is not available on the
    internet. cant we use this from today ?

    Has anyone thought what happens if one has an IIT come to a town and to the rest of the members in the town ?
    How many localites do you think will join IIT ? for studies or for job or for business ??
    think about this. Try visiting one IIT and its vicinity ( powai in mumbai, haus khas in delhi, jia sarai in kanpur )
    all these places host such ivory towers !

    I would bet on creating awareness about the lectures delivered by iit faculty / MIT faculty that is available free.
    Interestingly the whole of IIT lectures content is for sale i think on DVD and come withing 10 K !
    How about having a server for every city with locally mounted data of the above DVD ? Run a social / relevant forum on it!

    • Belgaum has got a good population of engineering students many of them aspire for further studies & to study in IIT especailly for the PG level is the dream of so many aspirants. Even I had about 20 years ago. Many guys dont continue further studies for various reasons; possibly one of the reasons of not having facilities in the city.
      To the locals they will be directly or indirectly associated with the institution in one or the other way. It can create employment, educational tourism, hotel /hostel / accomodation industry would develop. The latter reason is probably a good cause for the development of Belgaum & its people in general.

      Now tell me whats the problem with IIT Mumbai's vicinity?

      I appreciate your idea of web based learning but thats not a substitute.

  3. Congratulations!!!
    You are one of the role models & inspiration for the youth.
    Your ensorsement to the noble cause like setting up an IIT at Belgaum would give a big boost.
    Local Admin should set up some platform & invite people like you on board into policy making for education, development of infrastructure in Belgaum, youth development & upliftment etc.


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