Narendra Murkumbi is ET Entrepreneur of the Year


For Narendra Murkumbi the Belgaum based entrepreneur is seeing all highs this year. After becoming the single largest investor in Brazil he has won the Economic Times awards for corporate excellence 2010.

Narendra Murkumbi, the managing director of Shree Renuka Sugars, was chosen the Entrepreneur of the Year for his success in an industry where the influence of politics hangs heavy. The 39-year-old co-founder of the company aims to do in sugar what LN Mittal did in steel. This year, he bought control of Brazil’s seventh-largest sugar and alcohol company Equipav at 25% lower cost than initially agreed.



  1. Congratulations and Kudos to Naren and fully deserves for his passion and commitment. His unstinted focus and teamwork and quick turnaround has helped the company to reach to zenith of prominence and we wish to reach further higher standrads and recognition to him and his team- Dwaraka nath Acharya__

  2. Congratulations & It is a matter of pride as a Balgaumite has been recognised & awarded. One humble request please also look at the possibility of making the Kakati Sugar Mill a reality. If mills at Brasil can be taken over then the very near mill which is in Belgaum itself can also be taken over, though may not make a real business sense but revival of a sugar mill in your own hometown, nothing like an achievement.

  3. Wow i knew it was going to happen some day…..and it happened. Congratulations Narendra Bhai

    Wii see u next month

  4. Congratulations, We are proud of U !!!!
    Lets work together to make Renuka world's largest sugar refining company.
    Best of luck !!!!!

  5. Bravo!!

    Great recognition for great personality. ET Awards for enterprenuer is one of the most prestigious award.

    Thanks for making us proud



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