Online Food delivery sought after trend in Belagavi


The restaurateurs in Belagavi have now got a new business challenge to meet which is about preparing themselves with the increasing demand of home delivery of food items, desserts and other delicacies. And online food delivery portals have arrived as a Saviour to these restaurateurs.

Recently the local entrepreneurs started the online food delivery business which is now picking up pace and this new space has evolved good in the recent months.

Local players like, & are getting their socks pulled up for the new years eve. Even Foodpanda has a small presence with 3 restaurants listed. The average size of the order ranges from 500-600 which is quite corking in the initial period for these startups. The average orders delivered a day is about 90-100. Maximum orders received are for Breakfast or dinner.

Sometimes these startups even supply from restaurants not listed with them as a thanking gesture to the customers.

Jeetesh Shah of said, “it has been amazing experience, I had thought a lot of youth will order but it’s the other way round. It has an tremendous growth in Belagavi, never thought people are this foodie, we are on the verge of touching 100 deliveries a day, orders are spread all over the city and rather beyond Belagavi we have been supplying food to Bennali village, Indal nagar, Desur and near by places. Most of our orders are from our App and with 10 employees it feels good to go ahead and feed the hungry stomachs.”

Jeetesh Shah getting out to deliver a cake.
Jeetesh Shah getting out to deliver a cake.

Jeetesh further added, “One more interesting trend was the dear ones residing outside Belagavi ordering food for their loved here. We have received orders from London, Singapore, USA, Australia. Many orders were for a birthday cake.”

Mihir Khandekar of, said that “The growth is there for sure. We have just started and not even reached 10% of the available market. We have mainly being delivering Non Veg food and our Tiffin service has received a good response which we will try to scale up. We have now been incubated at Gogte institute of Technology which will help us in a long way.”iamhangryoye

Aadil Bandukwala a foodie and Social Talent Evangelist at Belong said “Platforms like FoodBuddy are a boon. When I was in BELGAUM for a quick weekend trip, I wanted to order Boiled Butter Chicken from Vaishali Restaurant. Although the restaurant wasn’t listed on FoodBuddy’s website, Jitesh was kind enough to ensure that delivery was made in quick time. To see startups in BELGAUM offer such sublime service, is commendable.”

The restaurateurs admit that the smooth running of food delivery system is not an easy task. It ranges from food packaging to receiving of payments. Hence such services do help us to reach to a wider clientèle. The restaurateur shows a strong believe in the home delivery system and hopes that it will grow exponentially.


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  1. Very nice to know that home delivery of foods is picking up in Belgaum, this helps a lot. In the long run these start-ups are going to grow exponentially.
    Now Belgaum is getting smarter by baby steps on par with Mumbai & Bengrulu.


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