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24/7 water supply


All the 58 wards of Belgaum city in a couple of yearswill get 24/7 water supply. After the success of the scheme sponsored by the World bank in select wards the scheme will be implemented in all the wards of the corporation.

The survey of the work is being done by Tata Consulting engineers a firm based in Mumbai. The officers of the Tata Consulting engineers recently met the Mayor in this regard.

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Most of the pipelines will be replaced under the new project, and that the project will take at least two to three years to implement.



  1. well I am happy to see the news that 24/7 water supply would become reality for entire Belgaum…it's real cherishable moment..I hope that politicians and officers responsible to make it happen give complete co-opertation for the implementation and should not play their dirty politicz or corruption in this too. Also all the nitty gritty of the project has to be worked with far sightedness…there are many things that need to be deicided now and whose impact can only be seen after implementation….My wishes to the entire team for the success of the project…

  2. I congratulate the Belgaumites for getting this project.. and instead it may go around 5 years to complete the project successfully… coz this is Belgaum.

  3. Ok..Don't want to sound negative..but have been hearing this for quite a long time now. Don't get excited anymore with the news. Only thing that would excite me is the day it happens on the field.

    Also laying down new pipelines means all the roads will be re-dug..and will remain in bad shape for a decade more to come. Really wish that they get sincere in using the funds wisely and with a good plan rather than build roads, and then think of digging for pipelines. Should be other way around really.


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