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Airports but no flights


On May 15 the newly built Mysore airport is said to be inaugurated by the Union minister of state for civil aviation Praful Patel. But as an irony no airline is ready to fly from there. All major private airlines, including national carrier Air India, have declined invitations to fly to the newly-built airport in Mysore. Poor passenger load factor is the reason for the reluctance to operate flights to Karnataka’s second-largest city.

Newly built Mysore Airport

CM BSY recently wrote to the Secretary of civil aviation to look into the possibilities of resuming air traffic from Belgaum and Bidar.

vega spaces belagavi

The Karnataka government plans to develop airports in each district of the state and has sought private participation to develop this infrastructure.

New Terminal building at Sambra unutilised

We Belgaumites will have keep dreaming of flying from here as major operators are unwilling to fly from Mysore then who will come to fly from Belgaum. The load factor is a major reason for not commencing operations. The Belgaum airport was recently renovated at a cost of Rs.3.57crores which now boasts of a fully AC terminal building. Mr. Praful Patel had said that by January 2010 air services would resume from Belgaum. But nothing has materialized.



  1. dear sir thanking you giving apportunities travel with flights from belgaum to domestic and international for future.
    for future itself starts withought missing starts diffirent flghts from belgaum to bengalore chennai delhi mumbai kolkatta guwahati agartala hydrabad ahmedabad jammu .

  2. having air connectivity is good, but if the airline operators cant make money, they wont fly to these places, what can the government do in this case.

  3. waiting waiting just waiting flights to resume from belgaum i just don't understand wen the Mysore being 2nd largest city in state has no flights than how does Hubli-Dhwarad has daily flights

    • Hmmm… that is what is called "market forces" dictating the business. I had spoken to few folks at Kingfisher they mentioned that flying into BGM at this stage does not make commercial sense to them. There are two airports at 100KMS apart ( Hubli and Kolhapur) which connect you to BANGALORE or MUMBAI and people from BGM can reach either of these places in less than one Hr ( thanks to Vajpay's Govt which built G. Quadrilateral). As some one mentioned once the Suvarnasoudha opens up there might be hope to see some flights at BGM.

      • yep me heard same becoz at it wil be most important city & wid out airways it won't be possible as 2 capital just lets wait nd see

  4. I dont think air services will resume from belgaum. because there are less no of people travelling by air from belgaum…..They have just renovated the airport because the airport we had before was in very bad condition. this is the truth

    • Make it attractive for passengers. Right now you pay upto Rps700 one way by bus for a 10 hour trip. I would pay more for a 1 hour trip to reach Bombay.

  5. @Praveen, I agree to what you say,its a bid to attract more investments to tier two markets of the state,atleast for the first time in history Belgaum has got the much needed attention from the GOK,I am sure flights will resume their operations from the sambra airport,also wait for the suvarna soudha to open then you will see hectic movement between bangalore and belgaum.

  6. Govt is only keen on developing areas in and around Banglore. Belgaum was one of the 1st cities to have a airport and also with night landing facilities but still Govt does not do any thing.

  7. Kingfisher Hubli flight service is operating and Belgaum passengers are forced to travel to Hubli and so is KOLHAPUR. If we have to reach Mumbai or Bengaluru we have to travel to Hubli or kolhapur to get on a flight.

    Earlier The Sate owned carriers Vayudoot operated flights followed by Eastwest, Gujrat Air and Air deccan. Now we can just hope that the Govt. gives airlines incentives to touch cities like belgaum and Mysore.

  8. These projects are part of infrastructure initiatives to attract the investors to tierII cities. We need to wait and see how they will be utilized……………………………..


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