Axe affect on RPD college road


After a Great !dea of cutting trees to make way for better and bigger roads on Angol road, now its the turn of RPD college road to Patwardhan Layout road widening.

RPD colege road near Gomatesh school

The road was up for road widening a while and since yesterday the Axe is on the trees so that a road can be made and widened.

all these trees will be no more in a day

This road has a dense cluster of trees under which love stories and break ups have happened and these trees have been a witness to many such events.

But now all these trees will be history and under whose shade will the love bloom or break happen. This road is mostly flooded by college students and many enjoy the shade of trees to just chat on the latest movie or newbie around.

One og the chopped of tree
Axe affect

Development at a cost to nature, can we do something I dont know.

If we oppose the said tree cutting the wider roads will never happen.

What an !dea Sir je!!



  1. Still the roads have not been constructed in many areas of belgaum like vadgaon, near the gomtesh school n more.. wats the use of such big big roads in such areas… build some street lights, build some good public toilets n all.. And the street lights near rpd college wow such a waste.. there only a zero bulbs… n give light only for that particular place….just waste…. please open up ur minds n think little good….

  2. it will take years for a tree to grow to that size!! and where is the space to plant them??
    Now i believe we are killing the planet! I will not be surprised if the temperature in Belgaum rises another 2 to 3 degrees in the next year. Imagine a city full of heat, dust, sweat and concrete!!.
    I am sure there are other ways to ease the congestion!
    What about city planning? don't allow urban congestion. why allow big apartments in old area,s which were never meant for that. create new developments with big wide roads wher u can build ur skyscrapers.
    But it is sad that market forces and forces of corruption dont see that as an option. becoz they want to make quick bucks!!!

  3. this is utter nonsense move by belgaum development authority… cutting the tree’s in the name of development… don;t you people have any other work to do .. build up the link road first that will reduce chavotic traffic .. rpd road should be repaired NOT widened as majority of the traffic can be diverted by link road .. come up with traffic lights in the circle , appoint permanent traffic police to foresee smooth flow .. authority can install speedometers to check speed violators — this is development …planting new trees is development .. not cutting them

    • dear friend
      Agreed cutting trees is not development but forgetting the trees planted at the time of of GREEN BELGAUM is also bad (development).Do you think the college going students and their bikes,bicycles ..
      etc will use alternate roads.Think of the density of traffic during your childhood and now .
      The colleges and their NSS units can come up with some novel ideads to replace the uprooted treesby planting trees in their campus.
      For the chaotic traffic at the junction / RPD cross is the traffic police can think of round about same like the one at Baswaveswar circle.

  4. we need good smooth roads much before we need wide ones!! let us make the present roads smooth instead of insisting on cutting trees and building wide pot-holed roads!!

    • Mr Amjad,
      What to stop. Development of new roads.Hope you have not passed through that road.Atleast it needs immidiate repair to the pot (big ) holes.

  5. Actually the tree shouldn't be cut..instead you can uproot and plant them else where…the way it's done is Bangalore.


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