Belgaum IT park cum grazing ground


What is your conception about an IT Park?

All will say a new hi tech building which looks a bit different from the lot, some nice greenery around, clean and of course some IT companies doing business in there.


True this is what most of you have seen, but for that has anyone seen the Belgaum IT park at Desur built by the KSSIDC.

I know the answer 95% will say “NO” “Belgaum has an IT park?”

Well yes, even tough Belgaum has been lacking quality infrastructure the KSSIDC and its foresight has given Belgaum an IT park way back in 2008-09.

The IT Park is built on 41 Acres 19 guntas land at Desur on Belgaum – Panaji Road (about 500 Mtrs. off NH).

IT park has roads built in but no takers

The 42 acres land that has been used for this park has now all the basic amenities required like roads, water etc. The road leading to the park been also made.

And now the same is being used as a grazing field for the cattle from the near by villages. (At least the park has benefited some one)

Till date there have been no takers for this and this entire 41 acres is lying un utilized.

The water tanks

Sandeep of DotCord IT Solutions who visited the park said that, he wanted to one day open his office in an IT park, but after seeing the Belgaum IT park he said, I rather make my office somewhere else.

41 acres of land just off the high way and no takers, seems funny but why is this is the question?

Cattle grazing in the IT park
Clear cut laid down roads and naming
Is this a runway

Wasnt KSSIDC aware of the situation or did their planning go wrong. Were the IT companies consulted before making this park.

All these questions remain unanswered, and we Belgaumites need to see this IT park deserted with cattle grazing all over, may be the cattle themselves have updated their Facebook status” Grazing in IT Park”.

Photos: Sandeep & Raju



  1. its really sad to see the condition of belgaum IT park locality.this is the work of GOVT. government of karnataka always trying to creat good infrastructure in bangalore and mysore.they never focus on belgaum and north karnataka needs and second thing is our politicians they are hopeless and selfish.But our last hope is JNNURM fund for development of city.LETS PRAY FOR JNNURM.

  2. Need of the hour is proper Promotion & Marketiing. A proper marketing by KSSIDC would surely lead to the success of this IT Park. Many big times IT companies from metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc. are looking for Tier 2 & 3 cities, so Belgaum would be better bet for these IT companies.

  3. This IT park in Belgaum needs a big time of promotion among IT companies in Bangalore & Pune .
    There is an acute shortage of space in these two cities .. If a big company makes its home in belgaum .. I am sure rest of them will follow … They have sort of herd culture

  4. The premisis is a lovely location to start up with the IT park. But how many IT companies are here in Belgaum who could have the taste of the lovely locality like this. The larger companies are not confident to establish themselves in the northern karnataka due to the lifestyle, lack of capable manpower, in the view of these stupid bandhs, etc.

    A large company to come in needs a large team of good comitted staff to run the show, which localites cannot satisfy, outsiders would'nt prefer Belgaum since there is'nt anything attractive.

    Time shall mend and you shall see a lovely IT park standing on this very land……

  5. appears more of a political gimmick

    A few years back auto nagar was developed to shift all automobile related units out of the congested fort road area,hardly five percent moved ,rest have stayed back to add to the congestion & traffic snarls on old PB road citing business reasons

    Govt proposes public disposes

    • The govt. did its part to insist the shift of fort road. But the politicians have assured that the people stay in place and the Autonagar plots be purchased at throw away prices. Govt is a part of the public and vice versa. Can't expect better.

    • They have been waiting catch up with some large IT company to take the premisis on rental basis. The area is really large surely needs a real big company to take up…..

  6. A usual story of what one can see across the country where the Government thinks it understands the business needs and heads to take charge of the situation. However what the industry really needs is really 180 degree different! The government can make tall claims in its annual celebrations and mass education on what it spends on IT but the citizens know to what real use this money was put in. Who ever tool decision to make this IT Park definitely helped in making money for contractors and land owners and of course earned pocketful commission.

  7. Hey Uday, where can we buy the land of the IT project in Belgaum??? if i want a piece of land in IT park in Belgaum where should i apply… ??

    plz Help me out… this is my new project..

  8. I am sure that Electronics City, Bangalore would have looked like this before it became what it is today. (During my last visit, I saw portions of the Electronics City resembling the photos above ;).

    Sandeep, go ahead and book a site. Mark my words, one day you will have all the biggies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Apple, Google and Facebook as your neighbours 🙂


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