Belgaum Next conference initiates a healthy discussion


The Belgaum Next team is being running around for over two months to get things in place for the conference. In the past week as the deadline for the First conference on sustainable development and infrastructure is inching closer to its date of September 4, preparations are on its peak.

The VTU auditorium which will be host to this event, will be first kind of an event to be held in Belgaum on such a scale. Hoardings in the city are getting the eye of the passerby which in turn will help Belgaum Next gain a wider audience.

Government officials will take part in this conference, hence the next time they have to implement a plan they will refer to the guidelines discussed, hence a more sustainable developed Belgaum.

Earlier programs have been arranged on a smaller scale but this is a mega event, with experts from their fields who will share their thoughts with Belgaumites who in turn can come together and give the next generation a environment which will be sustainable, even then, twenty years down the line.

R.S.Naik will speak on Augmentation of supplies and efficient distribution, sustainable water harvesting, finance models.

Karan Dhaul, Director Global Energy Pvt. Ltd. Will speak on How to tackle present power issues new strategies to overcome ever growing demand of power.

Tusharamani Malgi Consultant, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Bangalore will speak on Development of Hub and Spoke model for roads, and improvement of public and mass transit system,Transit Oriented Development model.

Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd will speak on planning and creation of basic infrastructure to attract investments.

SCE India, will speak on Urban Renewal, town Planning & Capacity building.

Mr.Raj Bhandari, MD Adam Partners will speak on planning sustainable neighborhoods.

Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd will speak on Public Participation in development and decision making process.

Dr.Nitin Khot, will speak on Heritage Conservation and Tourism Infrastructure.

Many are apprehensive as to what this conference will achieve. To them Belgaum Next has a simple answer- We are a group of people who want to see Belgaum developed in a sustainable manner meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet theirs.

AAB is proud to be associated with, Belgaum Next.


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