Belgaum next conference marks a new beginning


The first conference on sustainable development and infrastructure organized Belgaum next got a mixed response from Belgaumites today.

The one day conference began with the lighting of the lamp by the guests at the VTU auditorium. MP Suresh Angadi, MLA Sanjay Patil, Maoyr Nirwani, Anil Potdar, Brigadier Sangam graced the occasion.


Dr.Nitin Khot was felicitated on the occasion as he has been appointed the special advisor to the govt. of Karnataka. Dr.Khot has also played a very important role in Belgaum next.

Noted cinematographer M B Gowda filmed the entire event.

The conference began with Mr. Sree Kumar from SCE India, who spoke about Leveraging GIS for Infrastructure Development & Planning. His talk was widely accepted and the use of GIS in infrastructure development was a accepted thought by the august gathering. The gathering also followed the session with questions, to which Sree Kumar answered promptly.

The second speaker was Mrs. Tusharamani M V Administrative Officer, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Karnataka. Her presentation on the traffic of Belgaum and the data stunned the audience and she spoke about what a city would need in phases. She gave concrete data on many roads and urged the need of a inner ring road along with the ring road proposed by BUDA.

Mr. Karan Dhaul, Director, Global Energy Pvt. Ltd. Spoke on the use of alternate sources of power and about sources of alternate renewable sources of power generation which will have nil or very less carbon foot print.

Mr Sanjib Nayak IL AND FS cluster development initiative LTD, spoke about how a cluster of industries could be developed to attract investments.

In the next session Mr.Rabindra Sahoo (Public-Private Partnership) Expert, Asian Development Bank and advisor to the Government of Karnataka on Infrastructure Project in Public-Private Partnership spoke on the importance of PPP model and how this model can be used in various areas of public development.

Mr. Raj Bhandari MD, Adam Partners realty, spoke on Sustainable Neighborhoods and how one could build one in Belgaum and what does Sustainable Neighborhoods require to survive.

In the same session, Mr.Surya Prakash from Group SCE, spoke on urban renewal model and how Belgaum can be remodeled based on various functions such as education, leisure. He comprehensively explained with maps what needs to changed and how roads need to connect to each other so that the fort can be easily accessible as a tourist destination to the visitor to RPD college.

Questions were posed by the learned audience for every session and the interaction was very good.

Everyone appreciated Belgaum Next for organizing such an enlightening event which will eventually make all to think over to do something for Belgaum.

Guests patiently listening

Volunteers from the Bhartesh College of administration & computer applications (BCBA), KLE MBA saw to it that all went according to plans.

Anil Potdar asking a Question

The Belgaum next team along with AllAboutBelgaum & ITBelgaum and the whole group of Volunteers worked hard for the success of the conference.

For us this is just a beginning, Belgaum next will not die, after this, Belgaum next plans to come back again & again to make Belgaum the “City of Pride”.



  1. An idea has been born and out of the womb, there is no way other than that, that this will grow. But looking at the things, it seems like a pre-mature baby. Nevertheless, it is still alive — and with it, a HOPE for all of us, like minded people, to see our loving city blossom and grow to be a model city.

    As Imran rightly said, it should not become a business as usual for the greedy in the name of development. I hope that the 'Belgaum Next' and AAB along with leadership of Rajiv Topannavar and others, have chosen honest way for the betterment of the city and its people. The right and just intention will always bring fruitful results and happiness for the individual and the entire community, along with it peace and satisfaction. The selfish motives will always bring unrest, sleepless nights and a tragedy at the end.

    Hope all the interested people, specially our so called leaders/politicians/government officials understand the nature's law and our common man also understands to live up to his responsibilities as a citizen and held the people at forefront accountable. This is also an opportunity for all to redefine their intents, 'coz right intent will bring all the universal forces to act together to fulfill it and no one can stand against it !!!

  2. It realy feels good when someone cares about the development of Belgaum. held such a huge conference for the hopes to see Belgaum twinkling. One thing what i am gonna say is that, i would really appreciate if all these plans hold good practically. All the best Belgaumnext n the same to you as wel Uday

  3. Intersting ……. closely watch the photo of Anil Potdar asking a Question ……………… lot of empty chairs
    IT Clearly Shows the people Response to the Event……………. ……….

  4. Well, this is hardly anything for the community. These are only the business people who are keen in promoting thier busiess. Shame guys!!!

  5. Excellent work done by all no doubt and Its nice to throw a show like that…but only time will tell if anything concrete will happen. We all know that these politicians and govt officials like talk big…they just like to talk but cant walk the talk because everthing is controlled by Banglore.

    And what were the questions asked by Mr Potdar and others???? not reported at all. strange….


  6. its really aggressive steps taken by belgaum next conference.we belgaum people heartly appreciate this move but fund should be utilize in proper way and it should be use for only development.please dont encourage for corruption,its better to involve young dynamic engineers in belgaum next.hope this can be change of belgaum city

  7. That was great start……we are all with you Belgaum NEXT….Pls keep moving…

    Love from Bgmities of Saudi Arabia.

  8. not at all happy for the response of no of Belgaumites and more over contributor of been absent for Inaugration were our own BELGAUM MLAs of Belgaum North Mr.Feroz.Sait and Belgaum South Mr.Abhay Patil.

  9. Yes please upload the vdo for the occasion, also if you can provide some details as to what were the point kept forward by the speakers at Belgaum Next.

    Congratulations to AAB & Uday and every one associated for this success!!!

  10. I am glad to see this kind of event,
    I would nt find an end result, in the above details, but I believe their something is happening better than nothing @list awareness of common response,
    I am thankfull to AAB, BELGAUMNEXT, BELGAUMIT, & all volunteers who made this successfull happening,
    Specially to Rajeev Topannavar who has taken initiative if I am not wrong,
    All the best to all for the begining of journey,
    & I would like to cach up inbetween if m in Belgaum,

  11. This is a very positive step in the right direction. Very proud of all the members who made it and are making it happen.

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