Belgaum sky scrapers BIMS residentail quarters

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest tower with around 124 floors and this might be Belgaum’s tallest.
Now you identify where and what this structure is?
This building has G+ 8 floors.
This structure was supposed to be complete by April 2008 and still may take over 6 months for completion.

Belgaum sky scrapers identify this structure Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest tower with around 124 floors and this might be Belgaum’s tallest.

Now you identify where and what this structure is?

This building has G+ 8 floors.This structure was supposed to be complete by April 2008 and still may take over 6 months for completion.



  1. hi uday thnx 4 allthe information we get trough this site ur doin a wondrful job i stay abroad n just wantd 2 suggest can u pls add a few more recent pics of bgm i heard a lot abt its devlopment but wanted 2 see the way it looks n a few college week pics specally gcc thnx n good luck

  2. dear editor
    Hope everybody has expressed their views and love for the city (janma bhoomi).This war (! ) of words needs a full stop.

  3. Mr Nikhil…

    What you feel now? You shit on your shoes? better dont come back to India , we are here to take care of it. Enjoy earnig your 2.3 LPM being abroad and put it in your A** when it will be a need. Belgaum is much happy after sending big shits like you out.

    All the best for your future.

    And one word,

    I love kannada, marathi and hindi much more than your Shit English (or You may be the shit of it), That would have created some grammaticall errors but i am happy that i am discussing something related to Belgaum here in this forum , not Your shit English n its grammer…

  4. mr.nikhil i really feel pity on u b coz even aftr styng abroad we miss it a lot n people cmng frm outside appreciate it i think u did a bettr job leavng bgm n i want 2 ask u 1 thing if any body does not know ur parents will u leave them too? so pls dont take it serious n best of luck in future

  5. Nikhil is right the Belgaum is only a hole (whole world for some), because shit like him is out, Thanks we have cleaner Belgaum, I make better than just 2.3 lacs being abroad, have better infrastructure here a full automatic luxury sedan and fly with return business class ticket every year, but do return to my home town, I am though not direct native of Belgaum but love the place for what it has given it to me today, education people and my upbringing.
    If you have frustration tell me what you can do for Belgaum, I am arranging a Gulf-Belgaum business meet for entrepreneur expansion so they can reach bigger markets, there are many you will find on AAB who can better fare off (than you) staying abroad, but they did return and want to make a difference and give back to the place where they belong .Just being frustrated for way the Belgaum is, because it is people like you who want to see Bhagat Singh to be born in neighbor's house. It doesn’t matter where you study and kind of English you learn from, all that matters is how best you can use it for right cause.
    Not get a life, just try making better life !!!!

  6. Great words by Praveen,

    Mr, Nikhil when some one dont know about our belogings and are commenting against it , Then we should take it as our moral responsibility to educate them and do our best for the society. When you dont have pride on Belgaum you dont have the right to speak against it. You dont have any right to call my town, or state or this country as "SHITHOLE " it shows that u r an "A**HOLE" of no use.

    Its Belgaum Related page and we the visitors here wish to see the best for it, controll your script before you type here.

    We gather here to discuss and develope our town , not to listen your bad words about our town and we cant tolerate if it repeats.

  7. @all above..

    lol..m making 2.3 lacs per month n i think thats decent:P..and wow!ur english is awesome!..did u study in chintamani school!lol..

    i just that what i had need to hurl personal abuses.its just the frustration of seeing belgaum the way it is..if i hurt anyone,m sorry ..

    but mahant dude!..plz get a life..!

  8. If somebody doesn't know about a place that has had a great history, given birth to freedom fighters, is one of the largest contributors to defence forces and the Winter capital of a state then they are ignorant, and not that the city is any poorer. Whether a city becomes big or not is largely dependent on its people and we will serve to make it the best city- by directly working there or by being good representatives of the city.

  9. We have lot of people on this earth so call amm jantha, who want to see the change but never want to contribute to change it. Thus Mr. Nikhill we have no regret for you moving out of BELGAUM & thanks for helping BELGUAM to be free from taint.

  10. I am happy to see the way our city is growing but it has always been beautiful the way it was. I am proud that I come from this city that has so much to talk about itself, an amazing hill station of North Karnataka.Belgaum must have had various reasons for not being known as a big city. Better late than never. I think its ok if people dont know about your place not necessary everybody should know everything, tell them about how beautiful it is and whats famous. Believe me i have friends who thought it is some forbidden small place in karnataka and one visit changed their views completely, they actually loved Belgaum. Its all a matter of time.

  11. hahaha…g plus 8???..n u guys r calling it an achievment!!..thats sad…belgaum is a sad litle place which has enormous scope of development but NO ONE EVEN HAS HEARD ABT THIS SHITHOLE outside karnataka!!..its sad..when i tell people m frm bgm,they think its some village!

    m so happy i left this shithole called belgaum!

  12. But isn't a residential apparment near RPD taller than this one? I have forgotten its name, but it is just opposite to Pai Stationeries.

  13. This building is Resident doctors quarters for Govt Medical collage Belgaum, thanks to Mr Prakash Hukkeri who brought the govt medical collage to Belgaum , about Burj Khlifa in Dubai you need pay entry fee of AED 100 ( Rs 1200) to take a high view of Dubai City
    Actually Belgaum was going to have Central excise building of G+10 near fort area long back , but was later cancelled due to dispute , soon I believe we will get more talller and better strucures in Belgaum

  14. ya its correct…
    Its property of new government medical college… but why should we feel shame on it.. we should appreciate that something positive happening for the city, but with little delay for which it may have its own reasons, encourage developement guys dont be pity for anything… we must remember before we comment that we are in India and we are developing. so it takes some time .. 🙂


  15. hey its in civil hospital (district Hospital) opp to Ambedkar garden, i can remember when was in bgm. its shame that still its not being completed


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