Belgaum will have 2 subways and one indoor stadium


Under the 100 crore plan Belgaum will get TWO subways for pedestrians and one indoor stadium. The plan has been sent for approval and once the same is approved the work will commence.

The two subways planned are at: DC office to court and another one at fish market to Anthony school. On the empty land of the corporation in Malmaruti an indoor stadium will be built.

Rs.75 lakhs each for the subway and Rs.5 crore is the cost estimated for the indoor stadium. The said project were finalized yesterday at a meet held in Bangalore by district minister Bsavraj Bommai.

Source: Pudhari


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  1. Its good idea. plans should come in to real. Another thing, let them construct sub way near VAnita Vidyalaya instead ot taking it near fish market and shift the bridge near vanita vidyala to some other place or near bus stand/ Khadebazar, etc

    • Dear KRV
      Why can't you think of commoners suburbs of city ( viz shahpur, vadagoan, khasbag, Hale/june Belgaum) for develoment work . These places lack a simple play ground for school goers.Earlier play grounds were in private property which are out of bound due fencing and development..Affluent parts of city have indoor as well as out door sports facility but non for poorman locality.
      Impress upon our leaders to do something ( development) for these suburb instead of asking for more pedestrian under pass. Impress upon new mayor and peoples(!) representative think of development at least. because the election will arrive soon.

  2. Indoor stadium and subways is a great idea. The Vanita Vidyalay over bridge didnt work as it was ridiculously tall and its use was impractical. But sub-ways is good alternative. Just 2 of them won't suffice. Other places where they are needed are- CBT to Central bus stand, Vanita Vidyalay circle, RPD circle, Bogarves circle to name a few.

  3. Indoor stadium makes sense not the subways,,,prasad is right…. In turn some attention to be paid to
    the Railway overbridge….

  4. Subways:Sleeping shelter fo homeless, Good place for beggars, drunks and unsocial elements, probably will end up as a place to piss for the public. I can see this happening

  5. A new Indoor Stadium is a good proposition.
    But 2 Sub-ways!!! I am not sure if these would be utilised for the purpose it is built. Please remember the plight of Foot Over Bridge near Vanita Vidyalaya. I think proper assessment should be done.


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