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Call for Papers on Belgaum Next’s Symposium on Sustainable Development


On 4th September 2010, Belgaum Next is organizing a Symposium on Sustainable Development of Belgaum City.

Papers have been invited from Experts from Belgaum who have knowledge/experience in any of the above areas in the context of Belgaum City.


The papers may be sent by email to [email protected]

If you know any speakers kindly suggest.

Belgaum Next is a people’s endeavor to bridge the gap between good and bad governance on the strength of an open citizen’s platform and is steered by passionate people from across Industry, government, academia and other organizations. The platform stands for one voice that is focused on one agenda: the all round development of our city.

Eminent Local and Global experts will present papers on the following aspects:

1. Water: augmentation of supplies and efficient distribution.

2. Power quality of, and severance from its carbon base.

3. Solid waste Management Present issues, solutions and public awareness

4. Transportation and Traffic Flow Development of Hub and Spoke model for roads, and improvement of public and mass transit system.

5. Infrastructure to attract investments planning and creation of basic infrastructure to attract investments for employment generating industries in areas where Belgaum has inherent advantages.

6. Urban Renewal Remodeling and Beautification of the City.

7. Planning sustainable neighborhoods new and evolving systems in town planning on a sustainable model.

8. Public Participation in development and decision making process


The paper should be attached as a Word Document should not exceed 4 pages in A4 size

The paper should be Belgaum-centric

Name and contact details of the author should be stated.



  1. Very good initiative… All the Best. I will spread the news in my friend circle; will let you know if I get some good feed back on solutions to address these issues.

  2. This is very interesting and relevant. Is there a date for the submission? I can suggest Mr Vishwanath, from Bangalore (Rainwater club and Biome Environmental solutions) as a speaker. He is a well known global expert in the field of water harvesting and has worked on it at various levels including policy making about it at the state level.

    Karthik Acharya

    • Dear Karthik

      I dont know whether u r the same karthik from BMS or not, however am taking a chance. If u r d one u would have recolected the memories. Pl contact me 09899819872

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