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New street sweeper machine


Belgaum city Corporation today demonstrated this new machine which will clean the streets. This demo was done today at Ganpat Galli.



  1. BREAKING NEWS- BCC will construct the roads as per the specification mentioned by the ROAD CLEANER/SWEEPING MACHINES!

  2. Looks beauty-full!
    Does this run for longer period, say 1 month?
    The so called BCC what happened 2 ur project Recycling Waste @ Khasbaug Grave Yard?
    Is it working?

  3. It is a Gr8 news that a New Machine has arrived to clean up the streets but for how many days it will work… that is a BIG QUESTION…, U people remember the Watches Installed at the Gates of Court Compound but within a month or so it has stopped working & there are many example such in Belgaum… Hope for the Best

  4. we are governed by big bunch of idiots …waste of money on machine ,1st let them develop good roads n think of cleaning them

  5. Hope something turns out well for the beautification of our Sweet home town.
    Else Babus always make everything for their personal gain evrytime.

    • @vijay
      why can,t we give a chance for this new machine. May be we will get good roads made for this machine to work.

  6. i bet this machine will run only for 2 months.. who the hell from the corporation would want to keep servicing it timely .. and then we will see it no where..

  7. First BCC should focus on maintaining roads in a proper shape & then think of cleaning them. The new roads laid under 1cr CM funds have already worn-out.

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