Congress road ki vaat lagi


“Congress road ki vaat lagi” this is obvious statement anyone passing across this particular stretch will say.

The entire congress road from Military Mahadev towards 1st gate has been dug to lay a pipeline which has come from Laxmi tek and this will go upto VTU.


One side of the road is blocked in many parts as the work is on. A few BSNL telephones are not working from past 7 days.

This particular stretch of road was quite decent but as one side of the road (right side of the road while going from Military Mahadev to 1st gate).

Heaps of mud are lying as in the image which was taken on 16-12-2010 morning. The entire road is full of dust and commuting from this road is now a hardship.

Now that the KUWS dept has dug the road and laid the mud, but who will re tar the road and make it as it was earlier is the question. The bigger question is WHEN this road will be done.



  1. This not a new about belgaum every now and then roads are digged the same picture was of laxmi tek 2 years back when big pipes were layed two supply water to globe area

  2. Entire Belgaum roads are in a bad shape, There are no signs of improvement. Officials are just starting the work.. Publishing in news paper and its always WORK IN PROGRESS!


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