Demolition commences on RPD road after MLAs Dil Jamai


“We never had a fight as the media has put it, we both MLAs were speaking in a loud voice for sure but not fighting” said Belgaum Rural MLA Sanjay Patil. Further he added that he himself will demolish the part of the buildings that come in the road. Even tough he has taken a Stay order he has agreed to demolish the parts of the building. The road will be 80 feet as per the CDP.

MLA Sanjay Patil speaking to the engineer

This morning the corporation officials woke up and remembered that the RPD road widening is pending and hence gathered at the road to commence the demolition. The MLA stopped all the work.

MLA speaking with City Commissioner

At the DC office both of them had a verbal spat and after the DC intervened the matter was resolved.

MLA Trio visiting RPD road after Dil Jamai

Somehow the DC managed to settle them down for a “Dil Jamai”.

The crux of the problem here is the RPD road being 80 feet wide. MLA Sanjay Patil and residents of the area had given a memorandum to Mr.Bommai asking him to make it a 60 feet road. MLA Sanjay Patil’s Gomatesh Vidyapeeth will lose about 17 feet if the road is made 80 feet.

Opp. Gogte college swatantra sainik bhavan

The other side of the problem is the old Dharwad road where “Tree cutting is in progress” will be widened only to 60 feet as MLA Abhay Patil has property on the road.

DC J Ravishankar have asked both the MLA’s to work together for the betterment of the city.

After all this the local residents told this blog that they have lost faith in this BJP government and they made a mistake electing them. A resident said if these MLA’s can stop work to prevent their own loss why cannot they come forward and save the property of the citizens who have voted them and put into power.

Video courtesy: Anupam Singh



  1. After deciding 80 feet wide road work from RPD to Vadgao , what about PB road from Vegetable market, Fort to Old Belgaum ( Aralikatti ) where traffic load is very heavy then other roads in belgaum.

  2. all about belgaum should take a lead in starting a campaign for green belgaum to make city gren belt and one of the grren city ,please think over it

    as moonsoon will be approaching fast

  3. The road should be made 60 feet not 80 ft. I guarantee these people know that they wont come in the next elections..Because people wont give them votes because of their Bulliness, But they have already got and ate the money that was sanctioned for belgaum. It is only for this money they are just carrying on this work and not for the development of the city.

  4. wether good or bad road should be widened 80 feet or we need to face the trafic problem no bus service, And its all about dicission of making better

  5. wow great development……….I must thank AAB for reporting such news promptly,which means so much for people like me who stay far away from Belgaum.

    Its a very good sign that minister patched up and RPD road controversy has melted down.Lets all pledge for a sundara and swacha Belgaum……………


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