Details of 4/6 Laning of Belgaum-Goa/Karnataka Border Section


To the people of Belgaum this is one of the important roads that needs to be upgraded which will bring in more business and also easier access to Goa.

The road would be 4 laned until Khanapur and then it will be two laned until Goa border. Further in stage 2 of the project the road would be 4 laned and 6 laned respectively.


The biding process for the same is over but the project has not been awarded to any one yet. The construction time for roads only is 30 months. Provisions for tolling system and toll plaza have been proposed at km 18.835 ( this will be somewhere after Alma Motors near Desur) and km 66.315 (just near Anmod Ghat).

The project Road, Belgaum to Karnataka / Goa Border, the 84.0 km section of NH- 4A, forms a part of the proposed schemes of widening of various National Highway stretches/ corridors to 4/6-lanes under the Prime Minister’s NHDP Phase III programme in the country. This stretch is proposed to be on BOT / DBFOT (Toll) basis.

Two Laning with Paved Shoulder and Four-Laning from km 30.00 to km 81.9 of NH-4A (Immediate Two Laning) and km 0.00 to km 30.00 of NH-4A (Immediate Four Laning) Subsequent Four Laning – from km 30.00 to km 81.9 of NH-4A – Stage Construction from Two Laning to Four Laning .

The project road (NH-4A) starts within Belgaum city limits (near St. Anthony’s Church), runs southward and traverses the districts of Belgaum (Belgaum & Khanapur tehsils) and Uttar Kannada (Supa Tehsil) in the state of Karnataka. The project road ends at the Goa/Karnataka border and is about 84 km long.

The road starts abruptly within Belgaum city (near St. Anthony’s Church) and does not directly link with the existing NH-4 (Pune-Bangalore Road). Traffic from NH-4, destined to Belgaum/ Goa thus has to use the Belgaum city roads prior to switching over to NH-4A to continue its onward journey.

A significant portion of the project road upto Goa/Karnataka border passes through thick reserved forests on either side.

Traffic from NH-4 destined for Belgaum or Goa uses the city roads to join NH-4A. The NH-4 feeds traffic to the project road from the states of Maharashtra (Satara, Kolhapur, Pune etc.), Gujarat and north India.

A number of State Highways link the project road and caters to traffic to & from the surrounding regions. These include:

• SH-54 – From NH-4A Peeranwadi to Jamboti

• SH-31 – Bailhongal – Bagevadi – Khanapur (NH-4A) – Jamboti – Chorla

• SH-30 – From NH-4A Khanapur to Hemmadaga/Anmod on NH-4A

• SH-93 – From NH-4A Khanapur to Linganmatha/ Yellapur

• SH-34 – From NH-4A Ramnagar to Dharwad/ Hubli

• SH-95 – From NH-4A Ramnagar to Supa – Karwar

Belgaum ( Near Fish Market Start) (Km 0+000) – Khanapur (Km26+000)

Khanapur (Km26+000) – Ramnagar (Km 53+000)

Ramnagar (Km 53+000) – Tinaighat (Km 66+000), and

Tinaighat (Km 66+000) – Goa/Karnataka border (End)

Belgaum Bypass

Belgaum is connected to Panaji in the South-West through NH-4A which originates from Belgaum. Origination of NH-4A is within the densely populated residential/ commercial area of the city. This is connected to NH- 4 by a road which criss-crosses through several urban arterial and sub-arterial roads and in the process gets mixed up. On the other hand, a bypass on NH-4 has been constructed through the northern and eastern outskirts of Belgaum, taking off from km 498 and touching down at km 507. This has pushed the NH-4 further away from NH-4A. As mentioned earlier, there is no direct linkage for through traffic between NH-4 and NH4-A. This forces NH-4 bound traffic from NH-4A and the vice versa to enter the congested city of Belgaum, get interrupted by the urban traffic and exit after passing through several major and minor intersections. Clearly, this results in enormous delay and confusion to the through traffic. This weaving is undesirable and calls for comprehensive improvement plan in the form of a Belgaum Bypass.

Belgaum Bypass starts from Km 497.5 of NH-4 (Near Halga) and meets NH-4A at 9.5 having a total length of 9.5 km.

Khanapur Bypass takes off from km 23.2 and merges again with NH-4A at km 28.2 having a total length of 5 km.

Total Project Cost for 4 Laning of Section- I along with 2 Bypasses and 2 Laning with paved shoulder of Section- II & III of the Project Corridor would be Rs. 3,118,902,461.00
Source: The Project report on the Road at NHAI



  1. Pl provide a sketch of road widening plan with width at locality n village name for information to the land owners and display the sketch at major towns with details of road width and target date of complition

  2. It’s good news only take care that all villages should have under ground bypass roads and no hump on the highway

  3. NH4A it is heavily densed road and need to be widened asap… it is the negligence of our dear politicians as most of them use only NH4 to Bangalore, they should understand the status of our roads as compared to Bangalore and Mysore, . belgaum is the ever cool and beautiful city in Karnataka . it should be developed. roads need to be widened. tourism places should developed such that they draw attention of the state and country.

  4. I am always passing through ANMOD, road till GOA border is horrible, it is shame for Karnataka Govt. when Goa border starts our car just fly. see the difference on mentality instead of fighting border issue we have to do lot more to improve our region. We have to take ride for responsible people serval time then they will know how difficult to pass by this road. I request all karnataka people to raise this issue.

  5. hope this project starts soon as its pending since very long.. any projected date to start this job..?

  6. hello uday…
    i wish the project takes off asap!!!
    the anmod road is on its way to deterioration again!!!
    this happens every monsoon season!!! god knows whether its due to de negligence of de authorities or the sub std materials used!!!
    anyways…do u hav ne info abt the chorla road???

  7. hmmm i would be happiest person if this turn reality as i stay over der just bugged up wid traffic nd all
    hope so it wil complete soon too becoz last time abhay paitl had come wid some officials took survey left it out it was around 1 year back as they wer confused how much to increase 60ft or 90ft or 120 ft they left plan nd now again project has come alive hope for the best

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