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3 hours of load shedding from today


For the very first time with less rainfall HESCOM has decided to have a THREE hours power cut in Belagavi city.
2 hours of load shedding in the morning slot from 7.30 AM to 11.30 PM and ONE hour in the evening slot from 7 pm to 10 pm.



At present there is a loss of 500 MW of BTPS, 1200 of UPCL, 600 of RTPS hence this Load shedding.



  1. Time should be such that it should not disturb students, officegoers routine…… Some people use electric geysers for hot water ?. 7:30 morning is not correct, let them disconnect some other time….

  2. How is one hour from 7.30am to 11.30pm and one hour from 7pm to 10pm???
    Please check your article and edit it.

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