Fancy lights Adore Footpath near Basveshwar circle


The footpath of the newly constructed road from Maratha Mandir to Mahveer Bhavan was illuminated with new fancy lights last night which was a great sight. The lights have 4 different eye catching colors which change periodically.belagavi-lights-goavaves belagavi-lights-goavaves belagavi-lights-goavaves belagavi-lights-goavaves

The funds for these lights were sanctioned former MLA Abhay Patil through Public Welfare department.
It is no doubt a wonderful sight, but adequate care must be taken or else all the money will go into the drain as it happened with the fanyc lights on Congress road installed during the Vishwa Kannda Sammelana. Now not even one illuminates.

Photos: Praveen Pilankar


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  1. Good to see the so called beautification but WHAT about the infrastructure??? For how long this will last???

  2. what about the maintenance of these lights, beautification is required but if you cant maintain, dont waste the public money. what about the lights on congress road (from bridge to 3rd gate) they today stand witness to the governments idiocracy of wasting money to welcome a popular leader or celebrate a grand event. please if your doing it, then take care of the maintenance of it.

  3. These lights no doubt are "FANCY". However, when we have dozens of localities without basic lighting, should we spend Public Funds on Fancy lights? I have been complaining to the BCC for the past THREE years about replacement of broken tube lights on the poles near my house. Till today, there is no response from BCC. After getting independence from the Britishers 68 years ago, we have now become SLAVES to our own ADMINISTRATORS!! WHAT A SHAME!!


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