Flyover plan from Gandhi nagar to CBT at Ashok Circle


Earlier in the year a plan to build a flyover from Gandhi Nagar to CBT was mentioned and now a plan of the same has been prepared and AAB has got access to this planned flyover from Gandhinagar.

ashok-circle-flyover belagaviThis is technically called as a Ashoka Circle flyover which begins near Hotel Shankam and ends near CBT.
According to the layout the elevated corridor will have exit to the Cantonment wholesale vegetable market and one near the Metgud Clinic and one near Lakeview Hospital.


Actually THREE flyovers are planned in the city namely at Ashok Circle(above plan), Sangolli Rayana Circle and Rani Chennamma Circle.

The funding for the same would be under the Special 100 crore CM’s fund.  As per this plan now the work on the actual estimate and then the tender would be floated.
Thanks Jaideep. 



  1. flyover plan hone se belgaum city ko caar chand lag jainge, us se trafic ko assan hogi outsider public belgaum statrting point ko ainge to flyover dekh kar kush ho jainge , belgaum city me naya sa lagega, , lakin meri aap se request hai jo kaam kar rahe ho o kaam moden design hona chaihie aik misaal hona chahie aur public uske photographs lena chahie , babu kaam nahi hone chahie, aur jald start kare, thanks, irfanahmed n.t.

  2. This is hopeless..
    They started to develop bauxite road. This road was risen to about 10 feet, creating nusance the other side of road. There’s a gap, which is still incomplete. This road is yet to be completed. However, this was a foolish plan. This bauxite road could have been developed very well without raising it, from Hanumannagar to NH4 highway with beautiful street lights, markings and footpath within the same budget. Now, with that road people are not at all happy, only the politicians and authorities are happy.
    First make am account if that..

  3. I feel the design is flawed. Will they put signals on the flyover near vegetable market cross and the one that goes into the city road. If the vehicles are allowed to enter from Mahantesh nagar, and want to move towards cbt or vegetable market, there will be a need of signal. In my opinion the flyover design is toally flawed. It will be same as Richmond road flyover of Bangalore. They need to rethink on the design and plan it as an interchange to avoid the signals.

  4. eeee helloooo… first attend priority. …..log mar rahe first gate.3 ed hate….fort road …..this is absolutely use less plan.

  5. Citizens will always be emotional to the majorities needs verses personal sacrifices. Why doesn’t the planning go by the statistics of average road traffic, peak hour speeds, number of railway gate closures weighted with hourly traffic loads. This would make it easier for authorities to convince public and set priorities right. Is there any forum of public participation in cities’ infrastructure development?

  6. While I agree we need infrastructure, this again looks like a plan developed by someone sitting in Bangalore under the cool AC. Though I dont stay in Belagavi / Belgaum , I havent seen any life crippling jam at Killa circle, Sankam hotel etc . Again wrong priorities.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Fly over NH4 Gandhi nagar se start karna, kiyon k jo b public NH4 se ayenge wo direct fly over ko pe ayenge is se tarfic kam hogi, Agar sab gadi wale NH4 se utar kar gandhi nagar road aa k fir unko upar chadhna hoga road pe…

  8. Are Chutya log pehle pehle 1 st, 2 Nd, and 3 rd gate and fort road ka fly over karo. Ye sab chutyagiri baad me dekhenge. Paise khane ke tarike aur actual me public ko taklif. Pura Chutyagiri.

  9. The flyover should actually commence from atop NH-4, because after hotel Sankam, both entry & exit to Belagavi city are in a single road. This is causing much traffic disturbance. As NHAI did not build an railway over-bridge just to save cost, this is the major culprit in creating huge traffic disturbance from Hotel Sankam to Sambra Road bridge. The new flyover should take care of this.

  10. I agree with Suraj. The flyovers at all railway crossings should be given topmost priority. It will reduce a lot of traffic congestion & make life a lot easier for commuters.

  11. Another thing is, in this planned flyover, how will they divert traffic going from Sankam hotel towards Rani Chennamma Circle using the flyover????


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