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Foot over bridge removed


The non sense foot over bridge built at Yedhe Khut, Dr.Rajendra Prasad Circle on college road near Vanita Vidyalaya has been removed.

The foot over bridge built in 2000 by BUDA has never been used and was used for illegal activities and for advertising and recently for film shooting.

Truck taking away one section of the bridge
Crane lifting the remaining part of the bridge

The bridge was built at a cost Rs.13 lakhs in year 2000 and now Rs.5 lakhs will be spent for the removal.

This particular foot over bridge was wrongly built and main intention of building this was school children and commuters from villages who want to come into city will sue this to cross the College road. But no one used to use this bridge, atlast its end is here.

Hope the removed bridge would be again installed in a scientific manner and in such a way that people will make use of it.

All Photos: Siddhartha Hundre



  1. You are right … it was a NON SENSE foot bridge.. sad to see taxpayers money just being wasted… By the way I also did not know that the place was called Yedhe Khunt and the circle is named Dr. Rajendra Prasad Circle… (there are no name plates displayed there..)

  2. Great going Govt. A total of Rs. 18 lakhs blown to bits thanks to the "brains" of the officials who took both the decisions. Is anyone answerable for this criminal waste of public money ? My serious suggestion is to start a forum that not only deals with such issues, but also persues them and takes them to a logical conclusion. Any takers to enlighten who is answerable for the sheer waste of public money ?

  3. If what Jimy has said above is correct, this is a serious matter and immediate action should be initiated to eliminate the risk.

    Thanks for the info on "Yedhe Khut" and "Rajendra Prasad Circle". I was not aware of these names. We used to call this Madhavashram, Mitra Samaj or Vanita Vidyalaya. Why "Yedhe" khut?

  4. I think I may be assuming correct, the stupid contractors would have taken the bridge away and left the stairs intact. A great safety hazard especially if children climb up. There is a risk that some may fall straight onto the main road.
    Hopefully sense prevails and if any Belgaumites find the stairs in place unprotected please ask authorities valid questions. Take them to task for careless work which may endanger lives.

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