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It is now turn of Club road


Yesterday the residents of Club Road got a shock when they saw a few jeeps with “G” registration stopping in front of their premises with some tape and trying to measure the road.

These were the people from the corporation who were marking the road to be widened to 120 feet as per the 1994 CDP (city development plan).

vega spaces belagavi

The club road now is more of a commercial road with hotels, banks, hospitals and a few residential houses including the one of a former MLA.

On the other side there is the district hospital and other government offices.

Yesterday marking was done from Hotel Milan to Harsha corner.

The said road falls under the purview of the PWD but the corporation is taking the road widening.

If this road is made 120 feet many house will have to face the JCB and even the compound wall of the former MLA will face the hit.

There are a few big and old remaining trees on the road which will also breathe their last.

The RPD to Vadgaon road widening work is still not complete. Phule road is also not completed 100% and same is the case with Angol road. But the latter fall into Belgaum South and this one falls in Belgaum north.



  1. Road widening should be done as traffic is increasing and at the same time you have planned layout with roads,dividers,footpath,toilets,parking and gutters i.e the shops,residence,politicians and anything which comes on the road should be removed. When marking is done work has to be done or importance of the same is nullified.Public &politicians should take things positively so that city is clean and we leave a clean city to the next generation. funds allotted should be used properly.

  2. Look at RPD rd.. It looks like a war blood terrtory…First complete that then think about club rd…….

  3. First let these bloody politicians complete he RPD road first. That area is looking like some country has faced a war and still recovering from it. If they take the work in their hand then it should be completed fully which has not happened with RPD road and same will happen with CLUB Rd. The area will look like a bloody war territory….

  4. That is how we Indians are. We start everything, worst at the eleventh hour, and end up completing none. CWG is the best example.

  5. yes uday its good if they wider the roads for better tomorrow. but at the same time i feel previous road which are incomplete, they should complete 100% work with some new tree plantation.. Mr. Sachin Raikar


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