It is time for Belgaum NEXT


AAB had posted a story Systematic development to make Belgaum a model eco city and the same was well received by all Belgaumites.

Taking this forward and giving it a concrete shape, today at the first preliminary meet was held at Hotel Effa. For any city to be developed in a proper and systematic and scientific manner a conference has been envisaged which will be held in July where prominent speakers will speak on Urban Planning, Use of Greener and efficient energy, Good and Bad practices in Developing Cities, Modeling the complexity of the evolving city, Integrated Infrastructures for Sustainable Cities, Necessary infrastructure required for Industrial development of Belgaum & Sustainable water conservation systems.

At todays meet various issues and what needs to be done to make Belgaum an eco city was discussed.

“Belgaum Next” would be a new banner under which all Belgaumites striving to see their home town develop and progress but in a systematic manner. Here there is no place for any bias, if one is a true Belgaumite and he or she wants to do something for the city, can come under the aegis of Belgaum Next and work towards the success of the conference.

Meet at Hotel Effa

Belgaum Next is not limited to the conference alone, this will be an ongoing activity to see Belgaum gets all it needs.

To take this concept forward we will require a lot of efforts from the readers as each one will have to spread the word about the conference and once this is done, the govt. officials will have no option but to listen to the people. In a democracy the bureaucrats work on their will, but if the people come together and make them listen what a city really needs, they will have to hear us.

Belgaum Next is just the beginning of a new revolution. And why does one need to be a part of a revolution, one can himself or herself can be a revolutionist. and will support the event in their capacities.

Todays meet was attended by various persons from different fields such as Pharma, Auto accessories, Aerospace, IT Belgaum, Media, Real estate and many others.
Raju Toppannavar convened the meet and Parag, Madhav & R S Pai from IT Belgaum, Shailesh Joshi of Amrut Pharma, Mahantesh Patil & Basavraj Sugahndhi from Quest Global, Sunil Desai from People Tree BBA, Mahendra Jain, Dilip Chandak, Santosh were present.

So think for Belgaum Next.


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  1. My hearty welcome to this new initiative called 'BELGAUM Next'. I hope 'Quest Global' can play the major role in this task, as they are in the process to establish the Worldclass Aerospace SEZ in Belgaum & can take up this task as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility). Actually I am very much interested to actively participate in this task but unfortunately I am a NRB (non residential Belagumite) 🙂

    All the best!

  2. Well done Uday,
    but Belgaum needs more, we need infrastructure companies to participate in the talks, the big giants who can understand the need of peple and do, not the politicians, who never understand people. Well you can invite the giants like Punj-Loyd and IRB Infra who has taken up the Road projects in Belgaum (NH4 and NH4A) coz small contractors spoil the city, a presentation is required to Belgaumites about what the Infrastructure is actually, i think only 50% may know what is and 100% knows what is needed,.
    >>Apart from that, we must make a survey from each ward, with every Councillor and his citizens of the ward, what is missing can be understood by the interaction with them.
    >>Many places in Belgaum has to be uplifted then Belgaum will get a face lift, Belgaum Bus Stand has to get it first and at the circle we need a subway and many ammenties like Toilets @public places, you know what is needed.
    I would have joined you in this big step but really sorry i'm abroad but always here to support you.
    All the best. !!!

  3. it wud b great if plans for different segments are made n then integrated…… micro to macro plans… start off with a few topics, build discussions on fb as well, pool in the inputs n by july u can hav something to act upon. i'm in. lets take roads, water, drainage, electricity, garbage disposal….add more if u feel it necessary


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