IT complex to be built near fort


The income tax department will build a hitech office & staff quarters on the land adjacent to the Belgaum fort.

Bhoomi Puja was conducted today by Mr.P V Pradeep, Joint commissioner at the site.


Initially only a compound wall be built.

This is the same space where private bus (RR) and tempos used to park and this was being used another small bus stand. This land belongs to the Income Tax department and today the bhoomi pooja was done.

The CPWD will built the quarters. Sources from the IT department said that, they had taken all the regulatory approvals from the designated authorities to build there.

The private bus operators were shocked on this wall building as they will have no space to park and they said their business will get affected and also people traveling will face hard ships if we are told to park else where, as this place was near to the central bus stand.

A few voices of resent were also heard at the site with a few heritage lovers taking a opposition that this will be within 100 mtrs of a heritage building.

But the IT dept says that they have all the regulatory approvals with them.

The new law also states that, “ any construction – whether it is private or government – is punishable if it is done without the clearance of the concerned officials in the archaeological and heritage department.”



  1. we are talking about initiatives like belgaum next where we are discussing about sustainable development and infrastructure for belgaum and on the other hand we have historical monument (which are very few in belgaum) in danger
    cheers !!…………………

  2. It may give a face lift if a good design is undertaken to enhance the Monument, also the hawkers from bus stand to fort area is also to be removed to make decent vicinity to give a contrast which is always adding to traffic & hardship to pedestrains & for both public & private vehicles.

    Muneer sayed

  3. I think its better to build a hitech building, whatsoever, even if its in front of an old famous monument because this is the only way to keep that particular area clean n tidy. else it wil be a worst impression on the people coming to Belgaum for the first time. so its a great idea to have the building there. Uday, any blue print of the building as of how it looks like?

  4. Except for the structure's over-proximity to the fort issue, it is good that the IT dept is building its quarters there as currently this land is very ill kept and the building will also give a face lift to that area.

  5. it's a very shameful and bad for Belgaumist that quarters are going to build next to historical and monuments place wow just imagine how look will be……….with fort and staff Quarters…..

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