Makeover of Hanuman nagar circle


Hanuman Nagar is a locality with residences of mostly government officials, pensioners and political leaders and the Hanuman Nagar circle has been renovated, thanks to Commissioner of the Belgaum City Corporation S.G. Patil, social activist Ashok Chandargi and artist R.K. Godwani.

The circle now boasts of ornamental plants, grass carpet, benches and coloured lights.

The total cost for the make over was Rs. 12 lakh. There is also a cascade in the circle, a first in a circle in the city.

The place looks really nice and it has been attracting people of all ages.

Recently many gardens in the city have been developed, now the only concern would be the maintenance of these renovated gardens.

Photo: Rakesh R Harlapur


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  1. Please someone post a high definition Pics of BGM when it rains if anyone of you guys stay in Bgm right now. I hope that guys who stay there could take some great pics of circles, scenes n all. Uday, I hope you too will consider this.
    Thank you

  2. its really funny.i have seen many accidents taking place on that road. as people like to drag race here. god save the people from the center of the road.who ever designed and approved are idiots.

  3. Why no let the professionals do the job.?
    Its not a job of a IAS officer or a MLA/MP….

    An Architect/urban designer would do justice to such jobs…!

  4. The circles in the city can have a facelift, that is all good. Parks or places to sit should always be away from the center of the road..benches, totally bad idea. Such places are inviting for the kids who are moving around without adult supervision.
    Finally is this really development..or is it going in circles. Think about it.., what if our water problems get resolved, we do not have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning just to fill water or our power issues are resolved. Three things can really help us improve the quality of lives in India….clean water supply, uninterupted power supply and affordable fuel to power our day to day activities.

  5. COMPLETELY IMPRACTICAL….. infact looks funny…… n this is definately not called development…… if one really wants to develop their city start with the basic and essential things like fixing the broken lamp posts n poth holes on the roads, beautification will always be secondary….

  6. i remember the circle that was made near the fort with fountains, i saw only once the fountains working n that too was on trial, what happent money spent and gone with the wind, secondly if its a cirlce made there is no need of benches, who ever designs, have some sense its a circle not a garden ur planning.

  7. hahahhahaa….thats funny….agree totally impractical….and u guys thought weired things happen only in other places eh!!!!!!


  8. Hanuman nagar always gets good attention from the administration fr obvious reasons.The same should be replicated for the other parts of the city too.

  9. This may not be that bad depending on the traffic, if its residential area then motorists need to go slow. I live near a big circle with benches and there are 4 pathways to get to the circle and motorists just know there is pedestrians crossing and they slow down. It is not practical for major circles like Kirloskar road or chennamma cicrle..

  10. Quite frankly in my opinion (purely judging from the picture above), although beautiful, its a totally impractical design. Think of the four entrances to 'climb' into the sitting area in the circle (I hope I am seeing correctly), it encourages people to go towards the circle crossing the road which can be pretty dangerous with vehicles turning at blind angles.
    Think of it..might not seem so apparent, but this circle sure has (very unfortunately) many accidents in store. I dont like it personally.

    • Neil, I agree completely to your comments. I think the benches should be removed. Where is the risk assessment of the proposal. i.e how can children Pedestrations walk safely to these so called benches. Also why would any one sit in a middle of the road amidst all the pollution. Only suitable for beggars.
      Landsacping idea is brilliant but I would strongly want the benches to be removed

  11. Are not the seating in the wrong direction? For TP one should face the raods and see the poeple passing by ;))))

    • @bgm rocks
      Your are right . Seating in the centre of road ( circle) is safty hazard. It is invitation for the future accidents involving the bench sitters. Benches would have been on the edges of the road ,prefarebly on the outer edge of pathway.It is surprising how the planners (!) of this circle have over looked this aspect.
      Question 2 the muncipal commissioner, why development is being concentered around the affluent locality. Why not the suburb with middle class locality.Pl do justice(development) to the city as a whole.

  12. I would like to see such improvements in Ashok Circle Near Fort, Chennamma Circle and bogarves(Kirloskar road) circle… then i can say Belgaum has improved((These are the main area's which represent belgaum)). Commissioner and other people mentioned there must be residents of Hanuman nagar… They need to concentrate on overall Belgaum rather than there own area.

  13. It has been a pleasure to see most of the gardens with a face lift. Belgaum needs more of such places. with more activities added. We should thank the Commissioner for getting it through. 12 lakh sounds exhorbant. The exhorbant cost could be taken care of, if local bodies like Belgaum Next operate in development. A part of the amount could be maintained to contribute to the maintainance cost of such places. As well the public should come forward to contribute to develop more places in their own interest.

    • HEEe is it a garden or circle. ohhhhhhhhhh , if its garden ok understood benches r required for people to sit, but if its a circle on the road than its foolish to have them.

      • Who gave the permission to spend 12 lacs on this impractical/ illogical work? This is really funny and I have not seen or heard anything like this before. This is not development or beautification it is going to create havoc to motorist as well as pedestrians


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