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Now the Smart cities challenge for Belagavi and the the time line


The India Smart Cities Challenge is a competition for municipal leaders and their partners to promote economic opportunity in India, improve governance, and produce better results for urban residents. To unearth the best possible plans from throughout India, a range of 100 cities from every state will compete for funding in the first round.
The India Smart Cities Challenge is designed to inspire greater creativity from municipal officials and their partners, more involvement and inspiration from citizens, and the development of proposals that will produce concrete benefits in people’s lives.belagavi smart city

As a first step, all states will use standardized criteria to pick their cities for the competition. Every state is guaranteed at least one city in the competition. All total, 100 cities will compete.


Cities judged to have the best proposals will receive funding. The remaining cities will have the chance to compete again next year.

The challenge will run three times

2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18.

Now that 100 cities have been nominated the process will have the following timeline –


Cities Develop a Bold Vision and Smart Proposals

Each city formulates its own unique vision, mission and plan for a “smart city.” Their concepts reflect the city’s local context, resources, and priorities of citizens. Each city develops a pan-city and area-based proposal.


Early Winners Announced and Short-Listed Cities Progress
A small number of cities – those with exceptional proposals – are named winners. The next 20 or so best cities continue in the competition with another chance to win. Remaining cities will have the chance to compete in the next competition cycle.


Short-Listed Cities Engage in the ‘Good to Great’ Program
Teams from the short-listed cities participate in a robust innovation and implementation planning program designed to strengthen and refine their proposals.


Winners Announced
After the short-listed cities re-submit their proposals, additional winning cities are announced. They receive funds from the Ministry of Urban Development to bring their proposals to life. Cities that don’t win funding will have the chance to compete again in the next competition cycle.



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