Request for comments and feedback on draft document for 100 crores fund utilization


BelgaumNext prepared draft document for 100 crores fund action plan proposal for Belgaum City. There was a lot of noise about the misuse of the first installment of the 100 crore fund alloted by the CM, B S Yedurappa.

BelgaumNext felt that public participation in planning infrastructure and Development is important for the city’s growth.

Hence they have requested each one to download the draft document from the link below and give them your valuable comments and feedback so that it will help them to come up with a proposal for the city’s growth based on actual demand by the people.

All comments made on this post will be forwarded to Belgaum Next.


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  1. Positively RING ROAD & FIVE FLYOVERS are essential to decongest the city.

    Essential Road widening

    OLD P B ROAD (120 FT)


  2. My dear Belgaum NEXT TEAM

    I can just say HATS OFF to the report you have prepared for the Belgaum Development plan…. I was much amazed to see the complete structure and the people’s direct involvement in doing all these activities. What I can say is As M K Gandhi said ” Be the change you want to see” my town people are just doing their efforts to do something better for my Belgaum… Instead of depending on others ….

    Wish you all the best….

    Apart from the report I would like to suggest few more plans …

    As we know we have a very beutiful fort in the city center.. and a water source(KANDAK) surrounding it… Can you also include this historical KANDAK also in development list ? If its developed and made a picknic spot imagaine how beutiful it will look. Today we can find so many people dumping wastes into it and Gaulis use it to bath their Buffelos … but once it is developed it will be like the present kote kere where we can enjoy the boating in all those lovely evenings in Belgaum …

    And in the matter of wall/copmound painting like Bengalooru I would like to be cautious and like to make a request to all those people of Belgaum who eat PAN/GUTKHA and spit anywhere they wish,,,

    ” Please stop this bad practice and respect the goverment properties, its all our own , and remember we never spit the same PAN/GUTKHA in our home’s KITCHEN or HALL”

    Once again wish you all the best to execute this plan …

  3. Uday ,
    The menace of posters has been imported from Maharashtra. What is this Shubhecha ? Some unknown politican and etc celebrate their birthdays and many young gentleman , who do not even have moustahe have put their photos below saying Shubhecha. This Shubhecha nonse is like TB and should be eradicated.

    Ganesh Chaturthi Shubhecha , the politicians / advertisers picture is largere than Ganesha himself.

    No political or shubhecha hoardings be allowed in city of Belgaum

  4. (Uday, please go through this and edit it and also add your own inputs to this if you wish before publishing it)

    Strict guidelines must be setup for usage of wallposters. It looks so disgraceful to see wallposters stuck everywhere.

    Something has to be done to minimize or better stop altogether usage of plastic in the city, be it for public, unnecessary political party ads and cutouts, plastic usage in election campaign, greetings hoardings at festivals.

  5. What Belgaum needs is a strong traffic plan , most of the roads are narrow but the wrong parking is creating more problem. There are Three to four ,major bottlenecks, Bogarves it is 90 degree turn , This is technically wrong and it should be straightened. Railway station circle , Fort Circle etc. The 2 Wheeler flee market on Patil Galli , parking on the Millenium garden road , Parking in front of all banks etc . Police should take strict action against parking and the penalty should be keeping the vehicle in police custody for 12 hours . There should be parking lots in 2-3 locations.
    Also there has to be road widening mainly Patil Galli , Road opposite Big Cinema Ramlingkhind galli etc. There are many buildings in Belgaum which are dying to fall apart and people are holding them with the greed of saving few yards. Corporation is giving reckless permission. If you see the line of construction you can see that there is no straight line.

    100 crores is enough if we use it wisely now . If we use it well Govt may again support.

  6. The Draft which has been prepared is very strong to attract many development lovers, but many things cant be done in 100CR package. it may require upto 10000 CR , coz so many things has to be done which the CCB or BCC is just sitting on chair doing nothing with the funds for years, also as the cantonment area comes as a joint in urban Belgaum and City Belgaum the Cantonment has to take up the Khanapur Road [Bogarves to Gogte circle] development seriously. BCC mayors r just for name, even the sanitation work lacks in Belgaum,. Foothpaths in Ganapath Gall, Maruti galli, and Khade bazar is must. Sky walker in Ganpat galli is not possible. as stores r below. Inner Ring Road is already there as you have given in the map, the Major divrsion required is for heavy traffic in Fort Road Vegtable market and khanapur Road, Belgaum city is very congested. we need to expand the city. and It cant be possible as Belgaum greenary will be lost for some years till new trees come on the place. I want to tell more but i'll contribute my words when i return to Belgaum.

    God bless Belgaum from corruption of lazy Mayors.

  7. Belgaum should be developed under JNNURM Scheme ,on the lines like Chandigarh/NAVI MUMBAI AND GANDHINAGAR

    • Firstly Belgaum Politicians should confirm whether Belgaum belongs to Maharashtra or Karnataka. Only than the files of development will be a priority , else a day dreaming left for the localites.

      • Its Already Confirmed decades ago … and thats why the funds are realising from KARNATAKA GOVT not from maharashtra …

      • Belgaum can't go to Maharashtra,As the state has been pushed to 23rd Position in the Country,Whereas KARNATAKA is 2nd in Developement


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