Ring road might cost 1000 crores


Ring road project cost in 2006- Rs.36 crore with 38 kms length

Ring road project cost in 2010- Rs.1000 crore with 46 kms length – BOOT with tool

In India we all love to do things at the last moment, it might be studies or building infrastructure for CWG games. All is not complete even on the day of opening.

Belgaumites have heard of a RING ROAD since long, (about 12 years ago) but nothing has happened.

And now there is news that this project will require a whopping Rs. 1000 crores.

Sakal in its paper today has said about this and sources told this blog that the same plan was mentioned in the Belgaum vision 2040 plan prepared by a MLA.

In January 2009, when the assemble session took place here, a sum Rs.150 and additional Rs.5 crore were re allocated for the 38 kms Belgaum ring road by the state government.

The new proposed Ring road will be of 46 kms without the Peeranwadi -Halga route as the NHAI is planning for the Macche-Halga Bypass.

In 2006 the award for the construction of the ring road was awarded to a Jaipur Based company for Rs.36 crore, but even before the company would commence work, their contract was canceled and project was given over to state road Development Corporation and hence the Jaipur based company went to the Court and the court decided in the Jaipur based company’s favor and hence the govt. appealed the same in the high court where the mater is still being heard.

Even tough new plans have been made, until and unless this case is resolved the work on the ring will not commence, sources told.

The project estimate has increased many folds from 2006. The number of vehicles has also doubled since 2006. Increased traffic on NH 4 A, of heavy trucks commuting caused accidents almost daily and many have lost their lives.

If the ring road existed, the movement of traffic would have been much smoother as the heavy trucks going from Kolhapur to Goa would take the ring road.

A ring road is dream for Belgaumites, dont know when this will be a reality.


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  1. Boss…what is the status of M F road…I would suggest please complete the projects which have started before you actually initaite with the ring road project….

  2. It will be a wise decision if they build a Bye-pass road from Kakti to Mache. to save some traffic congestion in the interior part of the city.
    The state govt. should not give road contract to the "state road Development Corporation" as it is notorious as we have seen in B`lore

  3. Kindly ask these MARTHI & KANNADA speaking leaders why cant they come forward for this issue and take a notice why govt. official is delaying this ring road. Only putting BGM here or there development will not happen show the nation how govt. officials are eating money sanctioned by state govt. & central govt.
    Unless and until we don’t see some suspension of top govt. official till then nothing better we can expect from them & this will take place only when we choose good educated leaders who doesn’t fight for languages and divided BGM into 2 parts.

    In 2006 cost of Ring Road is Rs. 36 corers (38kms) and in 2010 Rs. 1000 corers (46kms) easily any uneducated person can figure it out (Its all the game of money). Shuffling the contract from one contracting company to another have become so easy like a piece of cake. You eat or throw in garbage same way this project has been throw in court later in files and this will be dream and will remain a dream for all BGM people.

    Ring Road Project case is pending in court so we BGM people should not keep high expectation and prepared for daily news of road accidents of innocent lives.

    I pray may God show some mercy on us and start this project soon.



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