Road widening for what


In the past 6 months Belgaum has seen a faceoff of many roads which still cannot be recognized as still work is pending and nothing substantial work has been done on these roads. Read earlier story Belgaum on a road widening spree.

And in all these road widening works the city corporation has no role and a Single MLA has set the rules for the same.

Take for instance the Old Dharwad road, according to the CDP (City development Plan) it must be widened to 120 feet but plan was sanctioned by the MLA for widening upto 66 feet only. Work had begun there on December 2009, but nothing has happened after some 2-3 structures were brought down, as people in the area demanded that if road has to be widened it has to be 120 feet and not 66 feet. Road widening was limited to 66 feet by the MLA as his property would get hit if it was made a 120 feet road. On that road most of the buildings are already having a set back which should make it easy for road widening.

Work of Phule road had to be completed by Jan 2010

See Mahatma Phule road, which has been widened to about 80 feet where many people lost their homes, where the necessity was not 80 but 60 feet would have saved houses of many.

This board has been put up on many places taking all the credit

Now as the RPD corner road widening work to 80 is getting making people think. Old Dharwad road 66 feet and RPD road 80 feet why is this.

Residents of RPD road to Vadagaon have now come together and will fight this and they plan to make their agitation more fierce if their demands are not met.

Angol road is no different. All trees have been cut and now the electric poles are being shifted. Nothing happens on time.

The people who have lost homes shops have to still get their TDR or compensation.

In Belgaum it seems the MLA is the king maker and the plans made earlier and approved by the corporation hold nothing for him.

Is this development or destruction is the biggest question.

We all need development and roads will have to be widened but there should be a plan which will take along all the people. So many trees have been cut have new trees been planted no one knows. All the work under the 100 crore special grant are late by over 5 months. In another months time monsoons will be here and if these roads are not re made people will have to face a lot of hardships in the rains.

But on a large scale still the question arises RPD 80 feet and Dharwad road 66 feet.



  1. I think Half the money which was sanctioned for Belgaum is eaten up by these greedy politicians. We dont Mind the politicians eating money. Even i'd love to. But there has to be some progress for the work allotted which is not seen anywhere

  2. Ya Even In My Area [North :: Frioz Sait] BJP Boards Have Come Up… He Also Sings With The BJP As He Wants To SaveHis Face From This Useless Congress Govt and Want To Be Re – elected In Next Elections…

  3. Boards Are just for credit sake no developments on time Nd its we citizen face many Problems
    bhai u speaking of monsoons in our area already this problem got started i have few pics of it shall i link it up……?


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