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RPD corner demolished under MLA Bragging


Last evening when City Corporation commissioner came with his army to demolish the structures at the RPD corner which exist there from over 60 years all were taken by surprise as no one was aware of this and it was a Sunday.

The day after
Old tree also cut last night
View of Khanapur Road from RPD college road all is clean

The commissioner spoke to the shop owners and tried to convince them they will get alternate space for their shops, after which most of them agreed. But the corner Ganesh sweet Mart had taken a stay order on this work and the same was pasted on his shop as well. When MLA Abhay Patil who has been in the news for the wrong reasons most of the time came to take charge with his bragging. He asked the commissioner to verify all the documents of the sweet shop like license, house tax, water tax and also asked the officials to take the samples of the food articles to find out whether they were fit for eating. Even tough the owner who was not in town had a stay order the shop was demolished under pressure.

The trees along the road which will be 80 feet road after widening have been chopped. SKE society has also taken a stay order.

vega spaces belagavi

Will this building also face the same treatment

People in the area were heard speaking will MLA demolish the other MLA vidyapeeth along the road. People there said this is biggest question. Relation between the two MLA’s has not been so good. Now we will have to wait and watch.

Many say that no more work will happen only after yesterdays demolition as was the case with old PB road where work of demolition began on December 1 but was stopped later and nothing has moved after that.

Mainly all the walls of the colleges & houses will get knocked off. But what has to be seen is will the Vidyapeeth also face the same treatment or will it be saved.



  1. I think nthing wil hapen to d vidhyapeeth
    He is a khadi person
    He wil save his property
    Of his hold
    Kanun ka hathoda sirf garib ke ghar par hi chalta hai
    In mla s ko janta agle election me apna jawab degi ¥


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