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RPD road work stayed


The most happening and talked about road in the recent week, RPD college road for the road widening work taken up, might not start as Gomatesh Vidyapeeth has taken a stay on the work and court has given an “As is” order.

People were speaking many things about what will happen of this building as about 17 feet needed to be demolished.


The district in charge minister had ordered a complete remarking on the road to exactly know how much space will go.

Others can also a get a Stay order now after the Vidyapeeth has got one and RPD college has already got a stay order long back. Cutting of trees is still in progress.

The CDP(city development plan) mentions the RPD corner to Old Dharwad road to be of 80 feet, and this particular widening is being done only till Patwardhan Layout. Residents of the area asked this question as to why only till Patwardhan layout and not the complete road till Dharwad road. But if it is extended further there are a number of houses in Vadagaon which could face the hammer and which is not feasible to keep a vote bank intact.

With these developments the future of the road widening is unknown. There is one JCB at the RPD corner which must have been kept to infuse some fright amongst the residents.

Many shop owners and residents on themselves have removed their walls or buildings as per the marking.

And even before some major work has been done a board mentioning MLA’s name has been put up at the corner.

The Met department has observed that Monsoons will arrive in the first week of June, so it could be sensible for the authorities not to take the road widening work now. If they do that road will be a dirt track in the rains and the current hardships will turn into more misfortunes for the residents.



  1. to Suhas comment____here's a proof.. __how politics hinder the developmental activities of the city…. __Its not going to improve in any way, untill politicians think of the city first rather then their own interests….. ____Totally agree with you, I think the politicians have lines their pockets before the peoples

  2. hahaha…this is so cynical of the officials, the politicians the whole clan of the government. they do not think before at all (like they have brain at all to think). There is no proper planing at all. Just "chalta hai loo" attitude.


  3. There is no way that citizens are not co-operating, but govt. should pay the compensation for the demolished buildings which they wont do. The ppl of khade bazar area have still not received any compenstaion for the master plan done, and moreover If you see at Khade bazar/ Pangul galli corner there should, must, be a road widening, which AAB should bring to notice, and everyone knows why there the Master plan is not be happening.

  4. I agree with 'Mustafiz '
    The same thing is happening in B'lore, no body wants the wide roads, every body wants retain the old road, so nobody bothers about parking, footpath n so on.
    People dont understand that as the city population grows we need more transportation, for that we need a good road network so that people can travel easily.
    I think the Indian mentality is still in 1950's n Politicians r taking advantage of it
    Come on people wake up what ever u sacrifice today is for tomorrows generation

  5. here's a proof..
    how politics hinder the developmental activities of the city….
    Its not going to improve in any way, untill politicians think of the city first rather then their own interests…..

  6. oh god that is bad……………….Why do the residents not realize that development is inevitable.Now that they spent so much money on cutting the trees and demolishing encroachments,all the money spent will go in drain,were the residents sleeping when they were very much aware of the road widening,now after all the demolition what is the point knocking the doors of the court?? Belgaum needs more wider roads and a better efficient waste disposal system,we must ensure that our city does not lag behind and beats India's second cleanest city which happens to be Belgaum's sister -Mysore.

  7. Its very bad, and a sad news where the MLA is interested in the development of the city the citizens are not cooperating and this is why our city is lagging behind day by day in development ….
    if there are no big roads the bus services will not come to each and every street, the citizens must cooperate to get all the facilities as AAB has said in recent news letter that the Auto drivers aka Rickshawallas charge more, coz the traficc in Bgm is more and roads are very narrow. also it is the same with Kalmath Road, Fort Road to Station Road and many… if a vehicle is parked at one side the whole road gets jammed..
    the same has happened with the Sheri Galli where the Bus services was to be started from Nargundkar Bhave Chowk to Nath Pai Circle in Shahpur… it was halted coz many of the shop owners took the stay order and the citizens has to travel by auto and pay more…
    I kindly request all the citizens to cooperate with the development works and help the Govt. to serve you better.

  8. wen the work is on stay than why the cutting of tress is in progress….?
    nd as per u Bhai u said a JCB is on RPD corner as i know JCB per Hour earns exactly 700rs making it stand there whole day not of use nd Public money again going waste 🙁
    so if they can't complete Projects why they start it….?

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