Run for Belgaum Marathon


Sunday June 20, 2010 starting from Kittur Rani Chennamma circle at 10 am.

Distance 3.4 kms till Basveshwara Circle (Govaves). – City of Pride, an initiative by proactive Belgaumites, will host a marathon event on Sunday June 20, 2010 starting from Kittur Rani Chennamma circle to promote and create awareness of the forthcoming conference on sustainable development and next generation infrastructure systems for Belgaum in July.

The event will be attended by dignitaries, government officials, celebrities, industrialists, students & businessman from Belgaum.

The “Run for Belgaum’s Development”, will benefit in bringing awareness regarding the issues taken up to ensure systematic & sustainable development of Belgaum city.

“The marathon event will lead to creation of awareness regarding various people to people initiatives taken up by Belgaumnext. The event will also promote public and multi party participation process in development and infrastructure activities taken up by Government and local bodies. The main objective is to create awareness in people and to get them involved in the decision making process so that they become proactive in the community and they city will lead to systematic development said Mr. Rajeev Topannavar, Director, Belgaumnext. “With the help of local administration & citizens of Belgaum, we anticipate enthusiastic participation, in large numbers, for the marathon.”

About Belgaumnext

“Belgaum Next” is a open platform for all Belgaumites desiring to witness, Belgaum prosper and develop in a sustainable & systematic environment. It is an effort to bring all citizens of Belgaum under one common roof in order to achieve enthusiastic people to people participation in upgrading the status of Belgaum.


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  1. Stop fooling the public with such silly Marathons, If the director of belgaum next wants to do something real good for the general public, why does he not raise the Auto rickshaw metering issue. Let him prove that he has the will and detemination to do this. This is what the general public needs for a start, then only the Aam admi join such groups.

    • buddy we need critics like you, so that we can really do something worthwhile and useful for aam adaami, this marathon is a pre-event to create awareness for the conference we are doing in the month of july on development, plz be a part of it.


    • KRV is no where in the picture this is like minded people coming on a single board. BGM Next has no language bias and it was formed only after this was decided

  2. when can u arrange cyclothon. Contact Tube Investments, manufacturers of Hercules and BSA bicycles, for sponsoring the event.

    anyways very best of luck for this event as well as future endavours

    P.S. No politicians next time.

  3. I am worried if the politicians will spoil this cause… No doubt AAB is going good in this matter, but involving of politicians (not blaming any one in particular, but agn, where there are polticians, there comes politics)

    Anyways.. All the best to Belgaumnext & AAB.. I know the marathon will be a success..


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