Sambra Airport upgraded for ?


The New Terminal building

The Sambra airport has been upgraded with better facilities at a cost of Rs. 3.57 crore recently. airport now has its own ATC (Air Traffic Control) room and facilitates landing/take off during night hours too. Close Circuit Television and parking facility for 50 vehicles has also been provided. All this up gradation is of the terminal area, the expansions of the run way is yet to be done. 370 acres of land adjoining the airport has been acquired to extend the length of existing runway (537 metres). The farmers have been reimbursed and work will commence soon, MP Suresh Angadi told press persons yesterday when he was here to see the terminal building.

Air traffic has been closed for over a year now and union minister of Civil aviation Praful Patel on his visit in November had assured of resumption of flights in three months but nothing has changed on ground zero.

Mr.Angadi also added that he would try his best and get the flights flying from Belgaum.

Source: The Hindu


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  1. Well Airport has become a picnic place. Last time when i visited there.. people come ther with Tiffins packed// Sit near the trees in th shade .. nicely do timepass and go back! I hope this wont continue.. Flights please start operation!!! I think few other flights from GOA must try to get a HOP to belgaum.. like GOA-Delhi Flight.. atleast twice a week.. Belgaum- Mumbai and bangalore(A must) but if Delhi starts.. It would be good option for all MLIRC ppl , Belgaum does have lot of people who travel to Delhi too. Lets hope these 3 services are started.
    Belgaum-> Mumbai,Bangalore and Delhi.
    Direct Flight to Delhi is not feasible at all, But atleast Hop from Goa can be considered.

  2. Let me make some correction , The Sambra Airport has its own ATC since long last 45 years , its call sign is VOBM , The only Airport in region to have NDB ( Non directional radio becon for setting true heading for navigational course to South east Asian and North west and south west bound flights. The night landing fecility earlier to CAT II- ILS ( Instrument Landing system) was PAPL (Precsion Apporoach procedureal landing) , Belgaum Aiport was also fitted with HIRL (High intensity Runway lights) Belguam station supported for Harrier aircrafts (Naval fighters) night sorties landing fecility. The only requirment is now extension of Runway and the expnasion of Apron , I wish that works out soon

  3. Nice to see this new building of our BELGAUM AIR PORT, I must visit once to view these changes…………


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