Stage set for first conference on sustainable development and infrastructure


Belgaum Next took the initiative to hold a conference in Belgaum so that people are aware what a city needs in the form of development and how this development should be done in manner which is sustainable for future generations.

The conference is scheduled for September 4, 2010 at VTU campus.

Eminent list of speakers from all over will share their expertise on various aspects of development.

1. Water- “ Augmentation of supplies and efficient distribution, sustainable water harvesting, finance models. Speaker -R S Naik, City Corporation Belgaum

2. Power“ quality of, and severance from its carbon base.

Speaker-Karan Dhaul, Director Global Energy pvt. ltd.

3. Solid waste Management“ Present issues, solutions and public awareness

4. Transportation and Traffic Flow“ Development of Hub and Spoke model for roads, and improvement of public and mass transit system, Transit Oriented Development model which integrates land use, real estate, social and economic parameters with public transport models .

Speaker-Tusharamani Malgi, Consultant, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Bangalore

5. Infrastructure to attract investments“ planning and creation of basic infrastructure to attract investments for employment generating industries in areas where Belgaum has inherent advantages. Infrastructure at the Sub Regional, Regional scales permitting effective forward and backward linkages of economies in Belgaum.

Speaker-Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd

6. Urban Renewal, town Planning & Capacity building,“ Remodeling of areas under decline or dilapidation and Beautification of the City towards providing better amenities to the people of Belgaum.

Speaker-SCE India

7. Heritage Conservation and Tourism Infrastructure: Conservation and Preservation of tangible and intangible (North Karnataka Cultural) heritage

Speaker-Dr.Nitin Khot, Belgaum

8. Planning sustainable neighborhoods (micro level planning as listed above within the larger planning framework)“ new and evolving systems in town planning on a sustainable model.

Speaker-SCE India

9. Public Participation in development and decision making process

Speaker-Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd


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  1. Please don't squander time in conducting the conference, implement the things soon… otherwise allocated fund will not utilized and return back to central govt….

    • there is no matter of squandering money we dont have any money. BGM next is peer group with ideas all has tobe implemented by those elected representatives and bureaucrats


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