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Time to stand with Belgaum Next


Belgaum has seen some changes in the past year which have come to quick a few feel and also the manner in which the same were implemented.

Belgaum a growing city with 3 universities and many reputed colleges,a favorite buying destination for Goans, people who visit Belgaum once always want to come back. Belgaum is a paradise for the senior citizens.


With Belgaum coming under the purview of JNURM, the city will get a lot of funds from the central government for cities development in various sectors. The funds under the said scheme could range to about Rs. 7000 crores over a period of years.

But do we as citizens of city know what a city needs for a sustainable development of infrastructure. Do we really know over years what a city needs to sustain the population. All our needs will multiply multi folds.

Water needs, solid waste management, power crisis, transportation, infrastructure to attract more investments, remodeling of some areas, public participation in development works, conservation of heritage all these points will be discussed and experts in this field will enlighten us.

Hence we at Belgaum Next have planned the first conference on Sustainable development & Infrastructure for Belgaum at Auditorium, Vishveshvaraya Technological University, Belgaum on September 4, 2010.

1st Conference on Sustainable Development & Infrastructure for Belgaum

Date: 4th September 2010, Venue: Auditorium, Vishveshvaraya Technological University, Belgaum

Saturday 4th September 2010 —- Programme
9:30 am Inaugural Function

Welcome note

Speech by chief Guest – Mr.Basavaraj Bommai, Hon’ble Minister Water resources & Belgaum District Incharge.

10:10 am Session 1


Augmentation of supplies and efficient distribution, sustainable water harvesting, finance models.


City corporation of Belgaum

Question & Answer session(10 mins.)

10:40 am Session 2


quality of, and severance from its carbon base, How to tackle present power issues new strategies to overcome ever growing demand of power.

Karan Dhaul

Director Global Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Question & Answers Session (10 mins.)

11:10 am Tea break
11:30 am Session 3

Transportation and Traffic Flow

Development of Hub and Spoke model for roads, and improvement of public and mass transit system,Transit Oriented Development model which integrates land use, real estate, social and economic parameters with public transport models .

Tusharamani Malgi

Consultant, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, B’lore

Question & Answers Session (10 mins.)

12:00 am Session 4

Infrastructure to attract investments

planning and creation of basic infrastructure to attract investments for employment generating industries in areas where Belgaum has inherent advantages. Infrastructure at the Sub Regional, Regional scales permitting effective forward and backward linkages of economies in Belgaum.

Sanjib Nayak

IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd

Question & Answers Session (10 mins.)

12:30 pm Session 5

Urban Renewal, town Planning & Capacity building

Remodeling of areas under decline or dilapidation and Beautification of the City towards providing better amenities to the people of Belgaum.

Groupe SCE India

Question & Answers Session (10 mins.)

1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:40 pm Session 6

Planning sustainable neighborhoods: micro level planning. New and evolving systems in town planning on a sustainable model.
SCE India

Question & Answers Session (10 mins.)

2:10 pm Session 7

Public Participation in development and decision making process

Sanjib Nayak

IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd

2:40 pm Session 8

Heritage Conservation and Tourism Infrastructure:

Conservation and Preservation of tangible and intangible (North Karnataka Cultural) heritage

Dr.Nitin Khot

Question & Answer Session(10 mins.)

3:10 pm Panel Discussion
3:55 pm Closing Ceremony


  1. Its a favourite Shopping destination for goans alright… But the govt should take care that they dont make every shop board or the signboards in Kannad…. We dont understand that language. If u want Belgaum to prosper then Govt should take care of these things..U know goa has made signboards in Russian just because Russians are the majority tourists.. We even get russian Newspapers. Karnataka Govt should learn something from this.

    • I think there is no harm in having Kannada signboards..Belgaum is part of Karnataka afterall…If people in Maharashtra are forced to learn Marathi in order to stay there then why not they learn the language of other states vive versa…

  2. Hi All,
    Am totally agree with the Mr Satish Kumar. In last railway budget only they agreed to do the Belgaum-Dharwad line but still there is no actions taken. As our MLA's, MP's and our Karnataka state railway minister Miniyappa are all not utilising their power and oppurtunity to execute the same. Some private travel agencies are not willing to do this because of their own profit.

  3. Citizens (at least the younger) should be encouraged to use bicycles. Mark a small strip for bicycles on all main roads. Need to build bicycle parking places at all major, frequently hopped places.

    This has many advantages including easing traffic, better health and promotes the green concept to save the earth.

    Another idea which will go a long way is an intra city light trains.

  4. Hi all – I was in Belgaum a few weeks ago and I would like suggest that the whole of the belgaum city a be converted into a pedestrian area (like many european cities that face traffic congestion) shop keepers given regulars hours to function for loading , delivery etc.. – I may sound a bit utopian but it's modern, noise free and green.

  5. Unfortunately not there for this event, but can some one raise questions for me, like, Why is Belguam so much isolated in Karnataka
    when and how wll the rail connectivity from Belgaum-Dhrawad via kittur be taken up , what about Belgaum Bagalkot Raichur and Belgaum Savantwadi rail line After Suvarna Vidhan Saudha , our big guys local MP;s and MLA have acquired vast areas of land from near by sites of Belguam , will they sustain te ecology of present greenery in the future endeavour to build a modern city around it?
    Belgaum Sawantwadi will give new access to Mumbai via Konkan railway , Belgaum Dharwad line will shorten the distance to Banglore ,
    The sustainable devotement is message for growth without disturbing the local environment Will we all think of this happening.
    When is IIT Belgaum taking shape
    And finaly a clear message ,to shun the favouring of Hubli Dharwad , sa they just not mean or make up the whole North karnataka

    Belgaum Next is there to lead the foundation be part of it

  6. Hi all – I was in Belgaum a few weeks ago and I would like suggest that the whole of the belgaum city a be converted into a pedestrian area (like many european cities that face traffic congestion) ? shop keepers given regulars hours to function etc.. – this may sound a bit may utopian but it's modern, noise free and green.

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