Too many Road widenings


In the past six months Belgaum has seen a lot of ho-hallo on the road widening in various areas of the city.

In December 2009 these roads were taken up for widening:

RPD college road to Patwardhan layout (under 100 crore special grant) – Work is half done

Mahatma Fule road to Old PB road (under 100 crore special grant) -still work in progress

APMC road (under 100 crore special grant) – Work in progress Major complete

Old PB road upto bus stand – Trees have been cut on the road but no further progress

Khanapur Road (Sanchayani circle to Suryakant Park) (Cantonment Board) – nothing has happened here

Govaves to 3rd Gate (PWD) – Nothing has happened here

Leaving the last two roads Khanapur Road and Govaves to 3rd Gate on which nothing but some papers have moved in the PWD, all the other roads were taken up by the Corporation under the special 100 crore grant. And majority works were supposed to be complete by January 2010, but the work is still in progress.

Even after such a mess, the corporation in a so called MLA style road widening is getting it self ready to widen a few more roads after Ganpati may be. These roads are

Bank of India Shahpur to Dharwad road – 80 feet road next to Shivaji Garden
Bank of India Shahpur to Dharwad road

Goaves to 1st Gate (Shukurwar Peth) – exact width of road not known

Goaves to 1st Gate (Shukurwar Peth) – exact width of road not known

1st gate to RPD cross ( Deshmukh road) – exact width of road not known

Vadgaon to Old Belgaum

The above road widening may be done as marking the center point of the street was carried out in Shukurwar Peth and Deshmukh road. Bank of India Shahpur to Old PB road which will go from the Shivaji Garden people have received notices for the same. And in this road an old well in the garden will also face closure. This road which is leading from Mahatma Phule road will join Dharwad road.

For any road widening to be done in the city the City corporation has to pass a resolution for the same but all the above projects were done without its approval and the same be continued in future.

A few questions arise in the mind when the road the expansion in the new areas will begin. Shukurwar Peth will not be easy as there is a property of a local representative. Deshmukh road also has some great stalwarts from media. Even if these two roads are widened what about the Railway gate. The main cause of traffic jam here is the railway gate. No one is speaking about this.

The Vadgaon to Old Belgaum road has houses of poor weavers who will loose a major chunk of their house and this is a major cause of concern for them.
Road widening is very essential for a growing city but the manner in which the same is executed is the problem everywhere. A great example of doing things in a hurry is the case of Delhi where new roads were laid in record time for the commonwealth games and now everyday we have news of vehicles getting stuck into dumps on the newly laid roads. Similar things can happen here as well.

Instead of taking so many projects at one time, the corporation(if its has powers) should take one road complete it and then go for the next one. Belgaum is seeing some road widening in a new abhay style.


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  1. plans are very good but complition within time frame with quality work this is big question.first of all govt. departments should focus on railway over bridges as we all know it urgent need for smooth movement of traffic.Old PB road railway gate,kapileshwar under pass, tilakawadi third gate and existing railway over bridge should be wide on priority basis.

  2. Widening of the roads is necessary. But the most necessary and urgent thing to happen is the flyover at the Kapileshwar railway gate which has the heavist traffic in the city..
    I think this needs an urgent attention.

  3. Is it not possible to have an elevated railway line from 1st gate to 4th gate? This will avoide building overbridge or underbridge at every railway gate.

  4. The Khanapur road, from 3rd gate till city otuskirts towards Khanapur, needs widening ASAP. That is the one of the major traffic bottlenecks.


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