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Barrels on the road


The Cantonment area is famous for its greenery and calmness and also for some unusual methods of managing traffic in this particular case. The intention of doing it is good but the execution isn’t.

Take this for example, yesterday some barrels were put in the middle of the road near the Cantonment CEO’s residence with the intention that they will block the traffic of heavy vehicles. As this road leads to Thimmaya road on which the Kendriya Vidyalaya is situated.


This road joins Khanapur Road to Savntwadi Road or Ganeshpur road via St.Pauls which is again a heavy traffic prone area.

Mr.Govind a resident on the same road raised a concern about accidents happening as these barrels are in the center of the road.

Today afternoon when Team AAB was there to take the picture a heavily loaded truck made its way through these barrels(we could not catch it in our camera).

So when a truck can pass through them why need to put it there is the question.



  1. Its nice to see that the barrels have kept to avoid the heavy loaded vehicles on that road. Also the Heavy Vehicles r not allowed on Fort Road, Patil Galli, Station Road, But they do come from the officers who must stop them.. Traffic police Cops in whole Karnataka r Corrupt and they take 10 Rs each from vehicle passing fromthe route , also they collect 20 – 30 Rs from the loaded trucks which enter in Raviwar Peth and Kalmath Road, Due to which these roads r heavily jammed all the time.. causing inconvenience to the commuters … This has to be stopped…

  2. Yeah i suppose he's right you should approach the cantonment board and the military since it comes in thier area they can sought the problem bettrer than we suggesting and talking over it will not make any difference to anyone nobody in Belgaum takes initiatives to sought out any major problem for example the area of New Gandhinagar is full of dirt filth and whatnot causing the people to get all sorts of diseases like malaria typhoid pnemonia and Dengue and chicken gunea n so on n so forth what are the municipality people doing they just know to take votes during elections and when the time comes to help they don't even come to have a look at it leace alone helping themn out IT IS SAD

  3. Why you are asking the Viewers .. why barrels were Put?? Can they answer ur questions. U better draft some letters and give to some authority

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