Whose road is it anyway


Whose road is it anyway? Is the question that must have come to many a minds after traveling on this road.

We are talking about the road from Bogarves (D Sambhaji Chowk) to Budhapa Ghar.

Bogarves near Sanchayni Circle
Sanchayni Circle

Potholes here rule the road and after every 7 days mud is filled in potholes.

The situation of this road always is in a question as the Cantonment says that the said road has been approved for widening and hence the PWD will look after it, and the PWD must be saying still work has not yet commenced so we have nothing to do with it.

But it is the common man that suffers.

Infact once there was a time that roads under the Cantonment were the best in the city but now the situation is no more same.

See the condition of the road at Gogte Circle (from Congress road to Khanapur road) this is the worst maintained road gain on both sides from Gogte circle towards First gate on Congress Road, but no one is interested in looking after these roads. (This road comes under Cantonment upto Nanawadi-Kagal Cross)

Gogte Circle -Congress Road

Here again the problem is the same, as to who takes up the repair work, as the said road comes under the PWD as it is part of NH4A.

One more such pathetic road is the Wholesale vegetable market road towards Dharwad road, Horrible potholes there as well, but no one to hear.

Cantonment should look into these woes of the common man and solve the problems. There should be a co-ordination committee between the various agencies so that such delays in repair of roads does not happen in future.



  1. The Roads of Belgaum city are becoming from bad to worse it's a pathetic sight when you're driving uh……..When will the people of Belgaum wake up and demand good roads after paying taxes electing people in various fields no use and to make things worse all pipelines are repeatedly been dug quite often and spoiling the roads as well as disconnecting our telephone connections as it is no network of mobiles is available and no phone makes us more stranded in our lives especially for people who are dependent on such communication services

  2. I left Belgaum in the year 1989 and at that time I think, the roads were better. the 2G scam has drained Belgaum too and thus the roads look like these.

  3. similar kind of problem is der on d road connecting bogarves and hindalga….. i m observing same destructed road since my childhood……………

  4. its ten yrs since i left belgaum sad to see its still the same just as it was ages ago and i am confident it would be the same forever


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