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Work in progress even after 10 months


After the hu halla and taking credit of the road widening in the city, the scene was much better before the widening in some cases.

In December 2009 these roads were taken up for widening and their current status:


RPD college road to Patwardhan layout (under 100 crore special grant) –Gutters on side have been made

Mahatma Fule road to Old PB road (under 100 crore special grant) –work half done, half side of the road yet to tared

APMC road (under 100 crore special grant) – Majority complete

Old PB road upto bus stand – Trees have been cut on the road but no further progress

Khanapur Road (Sanchayani circle to Suryakant Park) (Cantonment Board) – nothing has happened here

Govaves to 3rd Gate (PWD) – Nothing has happened here

Markings were done on the Vadgaon to Old Belgaum road a few weeks back.

Photo taken on Nov 9, 2010

See the above image taken on November 9, 2010 of Mahatma Phule road. Only half of the road has been tarred and the quality of the same is also not great. The second half is just being covered by loose khadi, but no one is interested in looking at this road. The board which was put up at this place earlier mentioned that the work commenced on 5 December 2010 will finish on 26 January 2010.

This board has now been taken off

We all could only pray that by 2011 it would be ready.

The RPD road the work on the gutter is on and the present road condition is worst with huge potholes all around. No one knows when the said road will be re laid. Miss. Sonu, a college student told this blog that it is very difficult to even walk on this road and when it has rained this is a dare devil stunt for us, as if someone zooms across in those potholes all our clothes get bawdy.

Big hoardings for taking credit have been placed at many places but the work is not completed on time, and even before one is completed another is taken up. The Angol Road looks deserted after all the trees were cut, no new trees have been planted on the same road.

There are plans to also widen Shukurwar peth and Deshmukh road but if roads are widened when earlier roads are incomplete we will have a major chaos in the city.



  1. Thanks for posting this Uday. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart for bringing this matter in such a great perspective. It feels happy when the things are getting developed. But it equally feels sad and annoying on these cowards who are reasonable for this bloody slow work. Why are these people so obsessed with the bloody money when they are so appointed to work. I wish they would read this and atleast know that on what wrong way they are leading our city to… Guys, I should not speak in this manner but it really feels sad when things get worser than before. Correct me if I am wrong friends out there.
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Thanks for taking this up Uday. I hope people start and finish their jobs before they take a new one…."Its better to be slow and steady rather then messing up the entire city

  3. Fill the tender…Get the contract….Get the funds….Complete half work…Gulp the remaining funds…Leave the work incomplete…wait for new funds…

  4. Nice pics… atalst.. Vadgaon to get a face lift…
    the city is expanding..
    Even after 10months the work is still in progress… seems nothing is happening..!!!

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