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ITBelgaum.com celebrates its 1st anniversary


IT Belgaum.com, an unknown entity just over a year back, celebrated today its 1st anniversary. IT-Belgaum is a premier group of all IT companies in Belgaum each engaging in businesses ranging from software development, software services, embedded systems, consultation, training, BPO, e-commerce, web applications, website development, animation, gaming and many more.

In summary, IT-Belgaum has conducted over 10 seminars and workshops in and around Belgaum to help better the talent pool and create awareness on the presence of IT in Belgaum.


As part of the celebration a brief list of the group’s activities over the last one year:

23-May-2009: Formation / birth of this group. The group was fairly small then. It was decided that IT-Belgaum needs to take initiative to educate the youth about opportunities in Belgaum and help them choose a better career path.

29-Aug-2009: IT-Belgaum in its first public appearance successfully conducted a Seminar in KLS GIT college. Mr. R K Patil, CEO, Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd. introduced to the group while Dr. Ameet Patil, Spundhan Softwares Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Swapneel Patnekar, Eth1 Network Solutions both enlightened the crowd with their knowledge on Embedded Systems and Open Source Tools (LAMP) respectively.
More information here (http://www.itbelgaum.com/events?start=6)

24-Oct-2009: IT-Belgaum presented a seminar in KLE Engineering college. Dr. Aadil Bandukwala, Talent Onions introduced the group while Mr. Sandeep Hegde, dotCORD IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Vinod Chavan, 3i Global thrilled the audience with their technical skills in Building Open Source Websites and The world of Animations for budding Engineers respectively.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/it-belgaum-workshop-tomorrow-in-kle-engineering/)

30-Jan-2010: IT-Belgaum visited Jain College campus to enlighten the BBA and BCA students. Mr. R K Patil fired away with the group’s introduction while Dr. Aadil Bandukwala and Uday, allaboutbelgaum.com talked on Orbit Shifting Innovation and Social Media respectively.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/it-belgaum-rocks-jain-college/)

03-Feb-2010:IT-Belgaum went to GCC college for BCA students. Mr. Sandeep Hegde gave the introduction followed by Mr. Swapneel Patnekar and Mr. Purushottam Deshpande entralled the audience with Open source software and Web 2.0 technologies respectively.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/it-belgaum-spreads-it-word-in-gogte-bca-and-bims/)

03-Feb-2010:Surprising on the same day another event was held by IT-Belgaum in BIMS college. This session was an open platform to allow the students to have a free first hand interaction with Enterpreneurs from IT-Belgaum group. From IT-Belgaum Mr. R K Patil, Dr. Aadil Bandukwala, Mr. Madhav Karekar, Dr. Ameet Patil, Mr. Santosh from TiE Hubli chapter, Mr. Sandeep Hegde were present.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/it-belgaum-spreads-it-word-in-gogte-bca-and-bims/)

11-Feb-2010:IT-Belgaum visits KLES college of BCA. Mr. Rajendra Pai introduced the group followed by presentations by Mr. Manoj Mani and Mr. Swapneel Patnekar on Website in 10 minutes using WordPress and Open Source Software (Linux) respectively. Other members of of IT-Belgaum also present included Mr. R K Patil, Dr. Ameet Patil, Mr. Sandeep Hegde, Mr. Madhav Karekar, etc.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/itbelgaum-sways-at-kles-college-of-bca/)

08-Mar-2010:IT-Belgaum presented at Vasantrao Potdar Polytechnique College. Dr. Aadil Bandukwala introduced the group while Mr. R K Patil delivered an enlightening speech on Embedded systems.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/itbelgaum-spreading-the-word-at-vasantrao-potdar-ploytech/)

13-Mar-2010:Bhartesh BBA college was mesmerized by IT-Belgaum. Mr. Rajendra Pai introduced the group and Dr. Ameet Patil spoke on how to get the job you want – Wake Up Sid.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/bcba-mesmerized-by-it-belgaum/)

15-Mar-2010: IT-Belgaum visited IMER campus where Mr. Amit Soundalgekar and Mr. Sandeep Tekriwal entertained the audience with a thrilling introduction and a talk on Importance of Social Media respectively.
More information here (https://allaboutbelgaum.com/it/imer-fascinated-by-it-belgaum/)

12-May-2010:IT-BElgaum spread their wings and flew to HIT Nidasoshi college. Mr. Rajendra Pai introduced the group, Mr. Purushottam and Dr. Ameet Patil presented on the emerging trends and how to prepare for a better future.

Dr.Ameet Patil founder of Spundhan labs told this blog this year they intend to conduct workshops in colleges, schools and also conduct workshops for IT teams in the various industries. “We dont dream big, but yes we do dream to become big” he added further.

May IT-Belgaum scale more heights in future. As many of us would agree: This is just the beginning of a new era in Belgaum!



  1. hehehehe…….. IT Belgaum.com ………. should be Chnged to
    I see only few ppl names in this site repeatedly……………. like DR. MR…. lol……
    it Seems that they are founding this site………..

  2. @ Rahul, sharing experiences of people @ IT companies in belgaum is the most appropriate way of celebrating the 1st anniversary.


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